Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I had a very surprising birthday this year. I was first surprised by my girlfriends with an overnight getaway up at the Park City Mt. Resort. Mandy headed it up with Paul helping with the surprise. She had planned it over a month before. Lori was in charge of the cake, Lara and Jamie brought chick flicks. We all got up there before dinner, talked it up until our hunger took over. We ate at Bandits on Main Street. Then we went back to the hotel to soke in the hot tup until they kicked us out. We got ready for bed and did more talking until 2 am. That's crazy fun for some of us who are moms that are almost 30 years old. The next morning Mandy had to leave early, I got up to thank her and tried to go back to bed, but I have an early rising family so no luck. I got up and walked around the beautiful hotel. I got my swimsuit on and headed to the pool. Swam until my cute friends got up and joined me back in the hot tub. We then got ready for the day and went over to the outlets for a little shopping. After that I wasn't quit ready to go home so Jamie dropped me off at my sister Randi's. Randi bought me lunch and we ate at her pool. We hung out until 5:00 and then she dropped me off so I could get ready for my hot date.

My mom (Lyle), stepdad (Gary), Paul and I were going to go to Sundance for dinner. Well that was the cover story. On our way to Sundance, Paul told us he had to drop off a check at his parents. I was so mad "we have to time, we can do it later." But they didn't listen to me. So we pulled up to my in-law's house, and my mom said I want to see your garden in the back. So we all got out to look at my tomatoes. As I got to the back I saw Daniel my brother on their deck, then Lisa and Greg then my mom Lesli. First I thought "why are they having a party without me." Then they all yelled SURPRISE!! It was a party for me, my whole family minus my brothers and their families that live far away. It was so much fun. They had great food and awesome cake. It was so perfect, it made me happy. Thanks Mom (Lyle), Randi, and most of all Paul for planning the whole thing. Definite thanks for Dana for hosting the party in her lovely home and thanks to Dan for getting our yard ready and weeding my garden. Thanks for all my family that brought good food, you are all the best. Here are half of the pictures from that night I have to get the rest later.

On my real birthday Paul and I went golfing at Ceder Hill golf coarse. We played 18 holes. It was so much fun we both played good. Then we took the boys, Tawine, and Alena out to eat. Then to the golf store to buy my b-day gift a golf club of coarse. My birthday was the best birthday ever.


Kati and Jon said...

You deserved a great day! (Nice work, Paul.) And Turkey???? I had no idea! We seriously need to talk more often.:)

Emily S. said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fantastic day! I love seeing pictures of you when you were younger - so cute.