Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom


My mom gets all my birthday cake leftovers every year. Sorry that's what happens when you can't hold baby Ammie in just for a few more days. For reals, I have always loved that we have birthdays next to each other. I feel like we have a close bond with one another like two peas in a pod bonded by our birth sign. I am sure it's like any other mother/daughter relationship, but I like to think we are more than that. I love my mom so much, I just think she the greatest. She has been my best cheerleader in the choices I have made. She loves being a grandma to her grandkids, even though she lives far she loves talking to them on the phone. Growing up I have great memories going on family trips. At times it might have been just up the canyon camping in a tent telling stories or my first time to Disneyland and the ocean or to many National parks. She has installed in me the desire to see the world and to love the people in the world no matter there color or belief. I was so proud of her when she went to China. She was a little nervous about going so far away from home, but she went and had a great time. Now she wants to see more. Thanks for including me on your next trip around the world. We are going to have a awesome time in Turkey this year.

Lets make a birthday wish to our new adventures in Turkey and in Utah this year.

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