Monday, September 29, 2008


We went to the circus with Grammy Lyle last Friday, Brittany, Jack, Wyatt and I. Paul gave Wyatt his binoculars so he could see everything up close. Wyatt told us "I have my oculars to help me see the cotton candy." I haven't been to the circus since I was a little girl. We didn't realize that the toys and candy would cost a arm and a leg. I wouldn't let Wyatt buy a light up toy for $22 but I did let him get a snow cone in a clown cup and a hug sucker that he is still licking today. I ask Wyatt what his favorite part was. He said the motorcycles in the ball. Jack and Grammys favorite was the Elephants. Brittany and I just had a great time.

Funny Wyatt

Wyatt gets hung up on numbers and colors this week it's the number 4. So here is 4 funny things he has said in the last couple of weeks.

Saturday Paul said to me "Where's my breakfast!" Wyatt said to his dad "you need to say will you and please, Dad." Paul asked again, "will you make me breakfast, Please." Wyatt said to me "No, mom can't make good breakfast, only you dad can." We both laughed, then Paul made his own breakfast.

I said to Wyatt, I need to cut your fingernails. Wyatt answered me back "Mom you can't cut them, then I can't pick my boogers.

Our dryer is broken and all apart. Paul came in and asked me "why haven't you fixed it yet." Wyatt said "Mom's not a worker, just you and boys like me, where is the drill I need it to help you."

Whenever I say that's so cute or handsome. Wyatt will say "Moms say cute but boys and dads say that's cool or awesome."

Grand finale

This is what Wyatt called our grand finale potato. We dug up my three potato plants last week. This is what we got out of them. Yeah I'm so impressed myself. I planted 25 potatoes last spring, only 3 plants came up. I was so sad, but this makes up for it don't you think. This one potato will feed our whole family.

I didn't get in the photo the 4 huge zucchinis and 5 cucumbers that I pulled out the same day.

Monday, September 22, 2008


My Mom and her card playing friends go to southern Utah every summer to see some plays. This year she invited me. We drove down with two friends of hers, Pam and Kaylene. So we started our trip off with golf at Sky Mountain. The skies were blue and the greens were green. We had a lot of fun for nine holes.

Then off to the hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Hurricane. It was one of the nicest hotels that I had been to. It was great just to read my book in the room, but I ventured out to the cool pool and enjoyed a dip.
We got together later for a pot luck dinner that had way too much food on the table for all of us and then off to the play. We went and saw Big River. Now those that have not seen Big River and would like to, STOP READING NOW. Big River is about Huckleberry Finn going down the Mississippi River. About five songs into the play, as Huck and Jim are on their raft, all of a sudden this big wall of water come rushing out of the red rock behind the stage and flooded the stage, making the stage into a river. At one point the actors had rain coming down on them. With it being an open outdoor stage, they utilitized fireworks into both plays. It was a lot of fun.
Next day my Mom and I got up and drove over to my Great Aunt LaRee's house in Bloomington. It was fun to the hear the old stories about my grandmother and other ancestors.
Then we ran back to the hotel, picked up a few friends and off to Silver Reef, an old mining town. The ghost stories from the shop clerk in the museum and art store were quite amazing. What was even more interesting was the cemetaries back in the 1800s were separated their Catholics from their Protestants.
That night we saw Les Miserables. Amazing voices and singing, sad story, but still amazing!!!
The next day we started back late after quickly going through Kolob National Park, more amazing. In all, the trip was relaxing, fun, and just all around AMAZING.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My new project

I started a new quilt with lots of fabric I have had for awhile. The pattern is called the "Almost oh my gosh." As you can see I put a quarter on it so you can see how small each square is. I have to repeat this about 80 more times. Paul thinks this will take me 30 years to complete it, we'll see.


Dean love, loves canned pears, Dean doesn't eat fruit like Wyatt. Wyatt could eat fruit all day. I, with the help from my mom and mother-in-law, I have bottled my first pears ever. My mom got me lots of pears from a coworker and Dayna came over and showed me all the tricks of bottling them. Thanks for all your help ladies. Dean and Wyatt is going to love eating them.

Bubble bath

My new slippers

Paul asked me how I liked my new slippers. I didn't know what he was talking about until I got up and left the room. Razor is on my feet all the time.

The State Fair

We have gone to the fair every year we have been married. As our boys get bigger, the fair gets funnier. This year we saw lots of animals and rode two rides. We ate a lot of fried food, no we didn't get a deep fried peanut butter sandwich or twinkie. The two corn dogs and funnel cake put us over the edge. We let Wyatt get ice cream and cotton candy, once a year it can't hurt us, right? One funny thing Paul said "That one ride cost us half a corn dog."

This looks like a happy kid...

The Huge pig at the State Fair "GIGANTUCHWIT"

We were driving to the state fair. Wyatt is telling us all about the big pig that we will see at the fair.

He was right it was HUGE!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Candy, Candy, Oh how I love candy! I can smell it in the air, the sweet smell of fall. Candy corns, carmel apples, Halloween size candy bars. There is something about this time of year, I have to put out candy bowls all around the house full of these sugary treats. OOH, If I can't gain control soon I will be putting on 5 pounds before the holidays.

Week one down

We still have a dog after one week!! We have named him Razor. I know it's not common like Fido or Spot but it fits him. His old name started with a "R" so we didn't want to confuse him too much. We had a challenging first week.

Day 1 we went to Costco with out him and Razor made a big pooh pooh mess that Paul had to clean up.

Day 2 Razor got out of the back yard after I left for play group and got busted by the cops, thank goodness we called the Alpine Police before they shipped him to the dog pound.

Day 3 Razor had to get his shots and get his manhood fixed.

Day 4 Razor made another big big mess after we left for the Farmers Market, which I had to clean up because Paul left to go hunting. I was saying allot of SSS words while cleaning up his pooh pooh.

Day 5 we took him to the Petsmart to buy a bigger crate so his pooh pooh mess would be easy to clean up.

Day 6 I looked on line, Razor has separation anxiety that hopefully will go away with time and love mixed with some training.

Day 7 we now walk Razor every day to get him worn down so in a few days we will be able to leave and come home to a pooh pooh free crate.

Every one that has met the dog thinks he is a really great dog. Razor is great with the kids. He doesn't bark or run off. He is sweet, I think with some time for us to get use to him and him to us we will have ourselves a great family dog.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We got a dog. He is a Cocker Spaniel he is a one year old. He knows how to sit and stay. He is really good with Wyatt and Dean. He is still a stud but that will change soon. He is house broke and is just so cute. He doesn't have a name yet. Wyatt has throw out Marty, Paco, Moky like smoky, but we are still trying to find a great name, I think he is going to be a great dog. So if you have any good ideas please comment, I would love to here them.