Friday, July 31, 2009


I have to show off this massive cake Wyatt and I made just before his big party. My first thought was to buy a plain half sheet from Costco and put all the candy on it until I bought the candy. Wow, candy is lots of $$$ (can't say Paul will be a little upset) Then I thought I could save 10 bucks and make it myself. You can't tell but one of the 9/13 stuck to the pan and is in three pieces. I saved the cake by putting a pound of butter frosting on it which tasted just like the stores. It was so good my sweet tooth Mom Lesli loved it and asked if I bought it. I think that is one of the best compliments you can say to some one.
I used the new Candy Land board game as my model. We put on the top Sour Patch Kids, Now and Laters for the path, for the blue I cut Air Heads down to size, candy canes, mints, gum drops, gummy fruit, liquorish, Nutter Butters, chocolate Kisses, Rollos, peanut butter cups w/chocolate frosting, Dumb Dumb suckers, gum balls, a cut down ice cream cone with white frosting. I think I did a pretty good job for a novice.

This is the mess I had one hour before the party.

Turning 5

Wyatt thought turning 5 was lots of fun. Wyatt had his first big kid birthday party. He had all of his favorite buddies. We played a few games and ate a giant Candy Land cake. Wyatt's favorite part was opening presents. Thanks everyone he loved all of his gifts he got.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

He's back!!!

This hairy man came back after a whole month of salmon fishing in Alaska. We missed him everyday. We are so happy that Paul is back from his wild Alaskan adventure.
The posters we made Dad. Wyatt did his all by his self.
Paul brought the boys some books and tee shirts.
Paul was bored on the boat so this was what they did for fun. But it looks almost like Wyatt's.
This is my favorite thing, all of them on the couch just hang out watching a movie..
I am soooo Happy....
He brought back some fish for everyone he loves.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We went fishing with Grandma and Grandpa Gillespie. We caught no fish but had a blast. I think Paul and I have big time fishermen on our hands. Dean had a pole in hand the whole time. Wyatt was trying to cast and Grandpa was undoing knots the whole time. We had some rain but the Gillespies are always prepared, we stayed nice and dry under the shade tent. We gave up on fishing after a while and played some skippo. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for inviting us up with you we had a blast.

I just wanted a nice picture of the boys with the beautiful lake in the back ground but they didn't make it easy.

Wyatt with a lot of bribing finally gave me a good face. Look at how big his right ear is, he got a bug bite the night before.
Oops, Dean with a wild cast.