Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deans bestfriend

One of Dean0's bestfriend Tiggy.

8 months

Gracie is now 8 months old and she weights 15 pounds. That puts her in the 1%. My boys were 18 or so pounds. Gracie can pull herself up and let go for just a second, she is crawling all over the place. Gracie just cut her first tooth. She is a fun little baby. Dean can't get enough of her. He picks her up and carries her all around. Most of the time Gracie like it but some times he a bit to much.

Gracie started to make this face, which is so weird Wyatt did the same face about the same age.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We borrowed a friends camp trailer and took off for the weekend. Paul wanted to go to this little reservor called Lower Bowen just off the scenic byway 12. The countryside is so beautiful. We drove through cute little towns, one that we want to retire in call Teasedall. As we got off the byway we headed down a long dirt road. Paul yelled out "we just ran over a big old snake" so we ran it over again as we reversed to look at it, wow it was huge. After we got to the camp site, we quickly got things setup and went fishing. The reservor was so awesome it had sandy beaches for our boys to play in, while Paul and I fished. The weather was great. It looked like it was going to rain several times, but it never did.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

just hangin out

Happy 4th of July

making our own pool

The kids made their own pool today. I think Dean was the only swimmer.