Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tulips at the Gardens

Wyatt brought his best friend Champ and Dean brought his best friend Asher.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter 2009

I didn't use my camera very much this year for so weird reason. I didn't even get the boys in church cloths probley because I didn't buy them new Easter cloths. But we had a great Easter we went to the citys egg hunt which lasted 5 minutes. Then we dyed egg and Deans hands. they turned out cute with there crazy faces. Then Easter Sunday the bunny almost got caught well I think she did. oops. The boys got a webkinz and a sticker books. We went to church and then off to Grandma G's for a BBQ and the grand hunt which I found a $5 and Paul found $2. Then off to Grandma S's house for ham dinner and another hunt which is all way a big money maker. Paul was the winner which was weird he was the last on the seen. We had another great Easter.


Sorry it been almost a month since I have been back and I haven't said one word about my AWESOME trip. I blame that on being pregnant I have been feeling awful. Well the Turkiye went way over my expectations. I got to stand in some old places where lots of important people stood. Like the great Julius Caesar boast in Turkey "Veni. Vidi. Vici." (I came. I saw. I conquered.) We saw the city of Troy and I got in a wooden horse. We saw the great city of Ephesus, well what's left of it. Where the great Apostle Paul preached to the people. We saw Didyma, Pergamon, Cappadocia and these cool churches in these caves, you wouldn't believe it. We went into the underground cities where the first Christians lived to get away from the Romans. Magical Pamukkale which is limestone hot springs and they are white like our snowy peeks. We drove on the silk road where Marco Polo traveled. We saw Istanbul by road and water. Istanbul is a cool place very old. They have the grand Bazaar which is a labyrinth of shops that only men work in. They would call out to you "hey pretty lady come in for some tea and buy a rug from me, we have scarves for your mother-in or if you like we have poison." We saw the Blue Mosque and learned a lot about the Muslim faith. Did you know they believe in the bible and try to be good people. Nothing like you see on TV or in the news. Those extremist Muslims are crazy, thank goodness I didn't meet any of those kind. We went to the great Hagia Sophia all I can say is wow that was big. We went to an underground cistern where they keep fresh water and put Medusa's head upside down in. We went to the Topkapi Palace where the Ottoman empire ruled for a long time and now its a museum for old cool and very shinny things from the sultans' time, like a 86-carat diamond. My Mom and I saw a lot of cool things I am so glad I went and I would love to go back some day when my boys are grown. I to feel like Caesar I came and I saw and in my own way I conquered. This isn't much of a post for my 12 day trip but it has to do for now if you would like to read more, my mom has blogged it day by day on but here are some pictures.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I wish you could put smells in your blog. I LOVE THE SMELL OF FRESH CUT GRASS. Paul was busy outside cutting the grass and give the boys a ride on the Honda.

Paul and I took down the old junky fence. Wyatt is now helping his dad set posts for a new fence.

Friday, April 3, 2009

No more goats

Wyatt 2yrs old. playing with the goats

On Wednesday afternoon Paul took this picture put it on ksl 3 minutes later a Latino man called and said he was on his way to pick them up. Paul asked him if they wanted them as pets or for dinner. The man just didn't understand him at all, finally Paul said FOOD or PET really slow and he finally understood and said pet. That night they came and we no longer have goats. Paul, Wyatt and Dean are a little disappointed but I'm glad to see them go, now I can plant a garden and not have everything pulled out of the ground. We have had the goat for almost 5 years and have never lived in our house without them in the yard. I must admit it will be a little weird and sad not to have them around with us in the back yard.

Deans hair cut

Say goodbye to all those curls. I couldn't take the crazy hair any more and buzzed it off myself. I know its kind of sad to say goodbye to something so cute. It just had to come off now Dean looks his age. He's not our little baby anymore. He is going to be the big brother this year around thanksgiving.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wyatt 1st sleepover

Wyatt's first sleepover with is best buddy Champ. The Purneda's invited him over while I was gone on my trip so Paul could have a break. Aubrey said they had a blast playing together and then watching a movie with popcorn. They were so cute when it was time to go to bed. They put out the sleeping bags and told each other bed time stories until they feel asleep. Aubrey said she was nervous that Wyatt would get scared and want to go home. Wyatt surprised her he wasn't at all he just rolled over and fell asleep. Wyatt said they had pancakes for breakfast and that it was really fun.