Saturday, June 28, 2008

Soccer saturday

We had a good old soccer day. Paul joined a coed team last year and loved it, so he had to do it this year. I don't think I went to any games last year, I don't know why. I also missed last weeks when Paul scored 3 goals. Today I finally made it to one. It was so fun to watch Paul again, just like old high school days. He isn't as fast as he was in high school, but then again he looks a lot different, Paul was 50 lb lighter and he had long multi colored hair (red, gold, green, and blue).

cooky wyatt

Yesterday we had a mild cold front come in. So Wyatt had to get out the umbrella and put on a fleece jacket. The funny thing was it cooled down only to 90* instead of the past few weeks of 96*. Cooky boy, Wyatt stayed in his fleece for a while. I was melting just watching Wyatt.

Dean and I are trying to stay cool in shorts and tees.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Slide Boys

We all decided to have birthday dinner with Gramdma at PC park. Her big surprise was that all the arrangements for dinner and entertainment was totally planned by her children. The grandkids were of course a total delight in entertainment value. Laughing Hysterical Jack, Mr. Bobblehead Dean, and Digging Boy Wyatt were fun to watch and play with. Dinner was her favorite, chinese. The big surprise was that all of us chipped in to buy her a hard drive for her next trip to Turkey. Next year's surprise is going to be a jungle-jim set just like the park's to put in her backyard so we don't have to share. JK, after we all win the lotto.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Caterpillar Egg

My cute friend Jamie and her even cuter daughter Hannah gave me a caterpillar egg for my birthday and so the boys could watch the whole cycle of a butterfly. Can you see the little gray dot on the leaf, that my friends, is our butterfly, well caterpillar first. I showed it to Wyatt this morning, he was kind of excited. I'm sure when it gets a little bigger than this (.) it will be more exciting for him.

A bunch of families in our neighborhood grow butterflies each summer. They find them in the egg form, then grow caterpillars. They feed these little guys lots of milk weed so the caterpillar can grow nice and big. The little creepy caterpillar will spin a cocoon for the whole family to watch. These families have all said that the best part is watching the butterfly coming out of the cocoon and drying off, lastly being able to set it free. So this summer I thought it will be fun to blog our Butterfly experience, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Fun

We have had so much fun in the hot weather. The boys and I have gone to the park and played with friends. We have set up the slip-n-slide for a few days. We have lit a fire in the pit out back. Dad made us a sandbox years ago, which Wyatt plays in almost everyday all day. If you don't have a sand box in your backyard may I tell you, you should get one tomorrow, its the best investment ever. The boys play in it for hours. The best part about our sandbox is that its in the shade starting at 11:00 for the rest of the day. LOVE IT...

Wyatt plays all day until the sun goes down.


I had a very surprising birthday this year. I was first surprised by my girlfriends with an overnight getaway up at the Park City Mt. Resort. Mandy headed it up with Paul helping with the surprise. She had planned it over a month before. Lori was in charge of the cake, Lara and Jamie brought chick flicks. We all got up there before dinner, talked it up until our hunger took over. We ate at Bandits on Main Street. Then we went back to the hotel to soke in the hot tup until they kicked us out. We got ready for bed and did more talking until 2 am. That's crazy fun for some of us who are moms that are almost 30 years old. The next morning Mandy had to leave early, I got up to thank her and tried to go back to bed, but I have an early rising family so no luck. I got up and walked around the beautiful hotel. I got my swimsuit on and headed to the pool. Swam until my cute friends got up and joined me back in the hot tub. We then got ready for the day and went over to the outlets for a little shopping. After that I wasn't quit ready to go home so Jamie dropped me off at my sister Randi's. Randi bought me lunch and we ate at her pool. We hung out until 5:00 and then she dropped me off so I could get ready for my hot date.

My mom (Lyle), stepdad (Gary), Paul and I were going to go to Sundance for dinner. Well that was the cover story. On our way to Sundance, Paul told us he had to drop off a check at his parents. I was so mad "we have to time, we can do it later." But they didn't listen to me. So we pulled up to my in-law's house, and my mom said I want to see your garden in the back. So we all got out to look at my tomatoes. As I got to the back I saw Daniel my brother on their deck, then Lisa and Greg then my mom Lesli. First I thought "why are they having a party without me." Then they all yelled SURPRISE!! It was a party for me, my whole family minus my brothers and their families that live far away. It was so much fun. They had great food and awesome cake. It was so perfect, it made me happy. Thanks Mom (Lyle), Randi, and most of all Paul for planning the whole thing. Definite thanks for Dana for hosting the party in her lovely home and thanks to Dan for getting our yard ready and weeding my garden. Thanks for all my family that brought good food, you are all the best. Here are half of the pictures from that night I have to get the rest later.

On my real birthday Paul and I went golfing at Ceder Hill golf coarse. We played 18 holes. It was so much fun we both played good. Then we took the boys, Tawine, and Alena out to eat. Then to the golf store to buy my b-day gift a golf club of coarse. My birthday was the best birthday ever.

Happy Birthday Mom


My mom gets all my birthday cake leftovers every year. Sorry that's what happens when you can't hold baby Ammie in just for a few more days. For reals, I have always loved that we have birthdays next to each other. I feel like we have a close bond with one another like two peas in a pod bonded by our birth sign. I am sure it's like any other mother/daughter relationship, but I like to think we are more than that. I love my mom so much, I just think she the greatest. She has been my best cheerleader in the choices I have made. She loves being a grandma to her grandkids, even though she lives far she loves talking to them on the phone. Growing up I have great memories going on family trips. At times it might have been just up the canyon camping in a tent telling stories or my first time to Disneyland and the ocean or to many National parks. She has installed in me the desire to see the world and to love the people in the world no matter there color or belief. I was so proud of her when she went to China. She was a little nervous about going so far away from home, but she went and had a great time. Now she wants to see more. Thanks for including me on your next trip around the world. We are going to have a awesome time in Turkey this year.

Lets make a birthday wish to our new adventures in Turkey and in Utah this year.

Monday, June 23, 2008

THE BIG 3-0!!!!!

Why do they call it the big 3-0, of course 3 does come after 0, but truly is it really a big digit? Its all in the mind set

[Yes Ammie made the big mistake of allowing her mother to have her password to edit her blog. So on behalf of my oldest child, thank goodness she isn’t my youngest at this age, I say a few words.]

When you were born 30 years ago just one day shy of my birthday, you were a big surprise, but a wonderful present.

Little wisps of brown hair and big tear drop eyes.

Your childhood was to live life naively, your teens was to get away with as much enjoyment as possible, your 20s is when you needed to make decisions for the rest of your life, and now your 30s is to accomplish those dreams that you have dreamed to this day.

Proud, accomplished, encouraging, willing, happy, sympathetic are all synonyms of how I feel about you.

Live the next years with full love of life and happiness, I know you will.

Love your Mom, (unconditional love to you couldn’t be less taxing)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

fell down and broke his crown

This morning Dean was on top of the table eating his eggs. I went out of the room, then I heard a thump and then a loud scream. I came in and picked Dean up, I looked at his arms and legs to make sure he didn't break anything. Wyatt came to see what all the noise was about. Wyatt said "look mom whats that on his head." Dean had a big silver dollar size goose egg on his forehead. I called my friendly nurse neighbor at 7:30 am to see if I needed to make an appointment with her doctor husband. She calmed me down, and told me what to look for if we really need to see the doctor. Emily thanks you are the best neighbor. Then I called Paul to tell him why Dean had a horn growing out of his forehead before he came home saw the giant thing. Paul asked "Why was he on the table and where were you?" I said slowly trying not to get mad "He is a climber and he is always on top of the table. I left the room for a minute. I can't watch him every second of the day." After Dean and I calmed down I took some pictures of his horn for you all to see. As you can see he is a happy boy now.

Dean is saying "uh-oh"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Batter-Batter-Batter SWING BATTER

GRANDPA, What would we do without our babysitting Grandpa. Of course, we really don't try to abuse Gary, but he sort of asks for it. He loves three things Grandma, baseball and his grandsons. Grandpa trying to watch the game at the same time of playing with his grandsons, its a little hard when the three of them are running like wild crazy bees.

So Randi was kind enough to get 10 free tickets to the Bees game and there we were. Churros were first on the snack list What are you going to buy us to eat Grandma, were hungry? Everybody do a little jig for the fans! Dean, where's Grandpa?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Last week Grandma Summers took the whole family to Disneyland for 4 days and nights. We had 20 people Wyatt, Ammie, Jack, Nick, Brittany, Randi, Grandma, Tyler, Ashlee, Carson, Daniel, Rachel, Zachary, Noah, Seth, Reagan, Jenny, Paul, Dean, and last but not lest Travis.Yes,that is Travis if you haven't seen him in a while he has a lot more hair these days.
We had so much fun. We had a three day pass so we got to ride all the rides and then some. We stayed together most of the time. The kids were so good waiting while we went on the big rides.
I asked Wyatt what his favorite thing was. He said "the airplane ride to California and then back home." Then I had to ask again what was your favorite part in Disneyland? Wyatt said "Buzz light year ride because I got to shoot the bad guys." Dean's favorite part was the Electric Parade. He and Jack loved all the lights on the floats and on the costumes. Paul loved Tower of terror ride, he road it three times. The ride I loved was the roller coaster in California Adventure, But the thing I loved the most was watching Wyatt and Dean's faces through the whole trip. Dean was so fun to watch he would get so excited he would be pointing and ooh and aah at all the cool things in Disneyland.
Wyatt was fun too, he would be so nervous to go on rides but once he was done, he was so excited about it. One ride was kind of scary and Wyatt would tell me he was so scared on the ride. So I told him "you're not scared your brave." Wyatt then turned around and told Noah he was so brave on that ride. I had to laugh. We made Wyatt go on the Matterhorn, Big Thunder Railroad, flying over California, and star tours. Paul and I try really hard to get Wyatt on Splash Mountain but he was to freaked out watching the people on the ride.
The kids were all very good they took naps right in there strollers and they all loved the rides. I think Carson got up set because the ride ended and they made him get off. The weather was great. The food was good (thanks Brittany for going to Bubba Gumps for me) I love, love there coconut shrimp. The hotel was great, it was in walking distance from Disneyland. Thank you, Thank you Grandma Summers for the trip it was a blast.