Monday, June 23, 2008

THE BIG 3-0!!!!!

Why do they call it the big 3-0, of course 3 does come after 0, but truly is it really a big digit? Its all in the mind set

[Yes Ammie made the big mistake of allowing her mother to have her password to edit her blog. So on behalf of my oldest child, thank goodness she isn’t my youngest at this age, I say a few words.]

When you were born 30 years ago just one day shy of my birthday, you were a big surprise, but a wonderful present.

Little wisps of brown hair and big tear drop eyes.

Your childhood was to live life naively, your teens was to get away with as much enjoyment as possible, your 20s is when you needed to make decisions for the rest of your life, and now your 30s is to accomplish those dreams that you have dreamed to this day.

Proud, accomplished, encouraging, willing, happy, sympathetic are all synonyms of how I feel about you.

Live the next years with full love of life and happiness, I know you will.

Love your Mom, (unconditional love to you couldn’t be less taxing)


lindseyj said...

Happy Birthday Aim! Sorry we didn't get to see you on your special day ;) I hope you had a good day. You deserve it!

Marcia said...

Happy Birthday!!! It was fun to see all those pics of you growing up. Hope your round of golf was great!!!

Kati and Jon said...

Hey friend! Many happy returns for the day. Hope you were spoiled rotten as you deserve to be.

Jme said...

So I know we already told you, but Happy Birthday...and HOLY COW does Wyatt look like you. Hannah and I couldn't believe it! Hope it was me about the egg/caterpillar if you have questions. And thanks "mom" for doing this...pretty fun!

Heather said...

Ammie-- you have always been so cute! Those little girl pics are so darling! And something else I remember about you, always fun. You are a fun person!
And your older boy looks SO much like Paul!

Jensen Family said...

Cute tribute from you sweet mom. I loved the pictures what a beautiful baby you were-and I can't believe I've never seen those pictures