Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our fun craft day

I was trying to get the perfect picture of your cool headbands. Looking through the photos I was laughing at all the crazy ones. I thought it would be fun to put them all on so you could see these crazy boys.

Paul the other day was showing Wyatt how to play this video game. I thought it was a cute father/son thing so I tryed to capture it. Well as you can see Paul is teaching Wyatt more than a video game, he is teaching him to hate the camera. urrr


We have had some trouble with getting Dean to go to sleep. He will cry and cry for hours well it seems like it any way. I should say he does more than cry he yells out AMMIE, AMMIE, AMMIE DAD, DAD, DAD, ETC. I went to check on Dean the other night this is what I found....
He took off his pants and diaper and fell asleep. Dean was probably screaming my name to get me to put them back on, oh well.

First ski trip

Wyatt is all ready with his gear on.
Skis on lookin' good.
Grammy and Grandpa pulled him down.

Dean looks kind of bored up there.
Jack finally showed up to have some fun.
Grandpa and Wyatt
Jack and Nick
Back up you go for another run.
They had some fun on one cold and rainy day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I spy

I made Wyatt and Dean big boy quilts with fun boy fabrics. I used my Hawaiian friends idea , One Shabby Chick and made up my own pattern. As I was collecting my fabrics, Wyatt said "You can't use any girly or baby fabrics on mine". Everyday for 3 weeks Wyatt would ask me if his quilt was done. I had the quilter put their names on them.
This one is Wyatt's with his favorite combine harvester.
This one is Dean's, he has the choo choo.

Baby Boy

This tiny quilt is for our tiny new cousin Ethan.