Monday, October 18, 2010


We went fishing this weekend with Ryan, Jen, and Mo. It was fun we caught a few fish and we ate lots of hot dogs.


We had a garden this year. It was our first garden and as you can see it went pretty well. The whole family helped. You need to look at to read all about it.

library card

We got a library card this month. I thought the kids would love to read new books. I was right. We had to pay $70 for an out of city fee for it, but my own city payed $40 back, thank goodness. The first week we got 8 books and one of them, somehow, ended up outside and got wet. I thought it was fine to take back but they caught me and made us buy the book. Paul was mad we ruined a book on our first week. I think it was a $4 learning experience. One more thing, the boys love having new books but when I say lets go to the library, they both whine about going, but they love being there, weird huh.

snaggle tooth

This is my 6 year old. He is such a cute boy but his teeth are killing me. He's at the age where he's losing his teeth pretty fast, but he doesn't like to pull them out, because he hates when they bleed. Wyatt will loosen them until they are dangling. I just don't know why he won't just yank them. I keep telling him we have to look at his gross teeth. So I took this picture to show him how gross it looks. Wyatt told me that was gross and not to show the whole world this photo, but oh well I am showing the world, sorry Wyatt.

maybe he should wear these until his tooth falls out.

Friday, October 8, 2010