Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The next Gillespie soccer star

Dean is doing a little soccer camp this week. This is his first soccer thing and won't be his last. He loves it and is getting good at it.

Lava Hot Spring

We went on our family trip up to Lava Hot Springs in June this year. It was a blast. Little cool but we still had fun. I need to get some photos from family members, then I will fill you in all the details.

dirty girl

The boys made the sandbox into a mud box, which I was fine with, they had a blast. But after three days, I was a little over it. Gracie went threw so many outfits. I would change her, then 15 minutes later she was back in getting dirty.

Friend Day

This summer we have been having fun. Games, legos, beat downs (wrestling), outside activities, watch movies in our camping chairs. I have had the boys write it all down in their summer journals. What's great is we still have lots more summer still to go.

swimmer girl

This girl is fearless in the water. I think that's kind of a bad thing, I have to watch her like a hawk. I bought her this cute suit before she was born. Its 18 months size but I was thinking if I had had a chunky baby, she would have worn it at 10-14 months. But she is a bitty little thing at 19 months. So we are getting 2 summers out of it.

Wyatt's swim lesson

What can I say he is a fish and he loves swim lessons.

This picture looks like he is drowning but he's not.

Dean's swimming lesson

This cute boy was a crying mess the first day of swim lessons. He and I made a deal. I said " you have done this two times before, you know how it to do this. Your teacher is our neighbors. She won't let you go and drowned. If you can be happy the rest of the time you can do something fun after." Surprisingly Dean said "OK I can do that". The rest of the lessons have been so much better. He is learning and having fun doing it.

I think he is still a little unsure of the deeper water.

homemade play dough

I saw a list of fun things to do in the summer time that's cheap. I read them off to the kids. One of the things is to make play dough. Wyatt bugged me for days until we made it. The boys picked out the color and it was way easier than I thought. I should have made it the first day. All it is:
2 cups flour,
1 cup salt,
3/4 cup water,
2 tablespoons cooking oil,
food coloring.
If you want to make a lot stock up on the salt. I was reading on another blog that they used Koolaid to make it smell better. You'll have to try it.