Tuesday, March 25, 2008



Sunday, March 23, 2008


Wyatt was so excited about Easter this year. Two days before Easter we dyed eggs. Color dye and a three year old that loves to do everything himself was a bit nerve racking. Happy to say that we didn't have anything dyed that shouldn't have been. Wyatt and I had fun putting stickers on them. After Wyatt asked if we could eat them, we cracked into them and found the egg inside was under cooked and gross. I had tryed the Kraft Foods recipe rescue. The recipe was to avoid over cooking eggs, so they would not have the gray ring inside. Well I did every thing they said, to the T. Its so sad they look so great but they were not edible. So I think Wyatt and I are going to have a throwing contest on Monday. I had to cook some more eggs for a salad. My confidence in cooking eggs was rather low, but I did it. The salad was a hit. Saturday was the big egg hunt at the park. I asked Grandma Gillespie to go with us and made Paul come. I think if Easter is in March they should do the hunts later, maybe at noon. They didn't, it was at 9:oo sharp. We got to the park 15 minutes early, and froze our butts off. Wyatt and Grandma Gillespie frosted cookies before it started. Dean and Paul walked around trying to stay warm. The hunt was right at 9:00 and we were in the car driving home at 9:05. Wyatt picked up only green eggs. Dean is literally eating his bag of candy. Easter morning the Easter bunny came to our house. Dean and Wyatt looked for eggs filled with toys and chocolate. We went to church then to the Gillespie party and had a blast. We had dinner and more egg hunts. The kids got a goody bag full of small toys, candy and even a dollar. The adults had a hunt and I was the winner with 4 golden eggs. After we played kick ball. Even Grandma Gillespie played, she amazes me how young she is. Then we dashed off to the Summers' party. We had dessert and our last egg hunt. The kids had a blast looking for eggs. Wyatt found 9 eggs with some money in them. Grandma Summers had the 2nd annual hunt for us adults, where every one is a winner. We all took home $$$$. We came home and read the childrens book the "First Easter," about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. It was a perfect way to end a fun Easter day.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


While walking home from the Park yesterday, Wyatt wanted to change our course and go up into Alpine Cemetery which is on the biggest hill ever. I told him I can't, that hill is way to big for me to push two little boys up. Wyatt jumped out of the stroller and started to walk up the hill. He said "MOM YOU CAN DO IT, COME ON". So I started up. Along the way Wyatt keep saying "MOM YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN MAKE IT, COME ON JUST KEEP TRYING, GOOD JOB MOM YOUR DOING IT". As we got to the top of that big old hill Wyatt was very proud he and I made it up. Later that day I was thinking about Wyatt and that dang hill. It felt so good that some one was cheering me on and it was even better that my 3yr. old was my little cheerleader. We all have to go up big hills in our life. It's so important for all of us to take our turn cheering on our family and friends. I think this is something I want to work harder on. I HOPE that I can get better at this and that Wyatt will keep cheering others on for the rest of his life. Good job Wyatt for teaching your mom something.
The lessons we can learn if only we pay attention.
I was going to end it there on a warm and fuzzy feeling but I learned something else. Back on the top of that hill Wyatt jumps on the stroller and says "MOM LET GO OF THE STROLLER." Wyatt now wants to go down the hill and he wants to go down fast "SUPER FAST". Being the parent, I know if I let go they will be in danger. The hill is too big, they wouldn't be able to stop on their own. Wyatt and I fought over the handles on the stroller all the way down. Right now I am bigger than him but when he is 16-17 years old, will I be able to keep him from danger. I know I will have to let him go some day. Will I be strong enough to let him go. For now I have to try my hardest to teach him right from wrong. So hopefully he will be able to see things as they are and make wise choices.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's Parade

Saturday we went to the parade with my Mom, Brittany, and Jack. We got there early and found a really great seat right on the street half way down the route. For those that are reading this blog, but aren't parade people, that's really good. The second we got there Wyatt had his ears plugged, he was getting ready for the fire truck to come down with the horns blasting. Wyatt would not unplug them for any thing not even candy. So Grammy had to feed him candy the whole time. Brittany was holding Jack down because he wanted to be in the parade. Dean's favorite part was all the dogs he held out his arms trying to pet them. The St. Patrick's Day parade has been going for about 28 years or so in Salt Lake City. No parade can compare, the people are so crazy. I can only imagine it in Ireland. I think how many parades my mom has drug me to in my life. I can even remember being in one. If I can remember correctly it was a beer float, that seams so funny to me, being LDS. Now look my boys get to go to parades, but they are not going to be on any beer float. After we went to Build-A-Bear. Grammy bought Jack an elephant and Dean a Dog. Wyatt brought his Jazz Dog Grammy bought him two years ago. He wanted a dog house for Jazz dog. After we went to lunch at McGrath's Fish house. The place is kind of stinky but it is well worth the stink, they have dang good fish. Wyatt had his nose plugged and was pitching a fit going in, but he calmed down and we had a great lunch. Thanks Brittany for letting us go there I know you don't like fish. We all had a great day, one to remember. I am so glad my mom made me like parades.

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Car

Saturday we bought a new car a Subaru Tribeca 2006. It has 7 seats but its not too big. It has leather seats easy clean up with the kids. It also has a navigator so I will never be lost, that is if I can work the dang thing. Paul doesn't know but we now can have lots more kids to fill it. It drives really well and the dash board is so nice to look at. I LOVE IT. I feel so BLESSED to have it. When they first came out we said we could never afford one. Now look at us we are Happy owners of a Tribeca.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Friday we went to the outlets with Brittany and Jack. I had a list of things to get the boys, Pants, Jackets, Socks, Ties you know things they need. I don't know how I ended up buying a few things not on the list. Wyatt had to try on a pair of yellow with blue anchor galoshes at the Gap. I thought it was a great idea since they were tied together he could not go running off. It wasn't that great of an idea Wyatt still could run. He even thought he could run faster in them. So I had to buy them. After two hours of shopping with three little boys, both Brittany and I were pooped. As we were driving home Wyatt said to me "Mom I need short sleeve pants for my galoshes." What he wanted was some shorts so they wouldn't cover up his cool galoshes.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Maid

One day I was so sick of cleaning up after everyone. As I was picking up rice off my floor, I had few words with Wyatt pleading with him to stop making messes. I asked him "Am I your mom or the maid?" He looked at me and laughed saying "mom". I said back to him "No Wyatt I am your maid so just start call me that". A hour or so I was watching tv with Paul, Wyatt comes running in the room calling out "maid, maid, maid".


Wyatt is great about going to the potty. A few months back, I thought I would never say, Wyatt rarely has any accidence's anymore. Last night he went #1 and he didn't flush, nor did he put the seat down, most importantly he didn't shut the door to the bathroom.
(Dean is now one. His favorite room in our house is the BATHROOM.) I found Dean playing in the toilet and his pj's were all wet... I guess what won't kill them won't hurt them.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Too Cute

He is just too cute to get mad at.
I wounder how a little one year old can get in to so much stuff.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


This week Paul came home with a bike for himself. Its a pretty sweet cannondale with a lefty. All that night Wyatt had to touch it. So we thought it was time for him to get a bike. FridayWyatt and I went to the bike shop to get him one. Wyatt keep saying he had to have green. Wyatt has a new favorite color, GREEEN. He saw one in his size green and white with girl things all over it. Paul would have killed me if we brought home a girl bike. It took me a while to convince him that blue is a cool color. As we were coming home with our cool new blue bike. I had Wyatt call his dad to tell him all about it. He said "Dad my bike is way better than yours." I could not help laughing that Wyatt's $100 dollar bike was better than, who knows how many hundreds of dollars, Paul's bike. So the last few days Wyatt has been out side riding around and around. With just a few crash and burns.