Monday, March 23, 2009

Ammie's and Lyle's home away from home, do you love it. I think we will call it St. Sophias. Blue is the color of the day, blue rainy days, blue mosque, first stop. Love it, love it.
More pictures to come with a faster internet site.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Turkey Time no not the bird, its time for my mom and I to go to the country, Turkey. Most of you have asked or are asking why Turkey? Well it's because my mom and I were both watching "Where in the world is Matt Lauer" on the Today Show. Matt was cooking near the Blue Mosque. My mom called me for our daily phone call. I told my mom that Istanbul looked so cool and we should go there. Well that's all it took that day she looked up her travel group and found that it was fairly inexpensive compared to Europe. That is why Turkey. It has been so interesting to see the reaction when I tell people that we are going. Some look at me and say "Why there? What's in Turkey?" Others that have been there or have known someone that has gone there they say "You are going to love it there its so great and there is so much to see." A week ago I was a little nervous to go, I had all kinds of weird dreams. But now I am just excited. We leave tomorrow in the morning. We will be gone for two weeks. This will be the longest I have been without my boys. I will miss them lots but I wouldn't travel half way across the world for just a week. We are planing to call and hopefully skype them a few times. Paul is such a good dad he will be with them the whole time. My mom and I are going to blog about our daily adventures on Traveling Pansies. Go and look on it while I'm gone. This is one of many cool things we are going to see.

St.Pattys Parade 2009

Grammy insisted that everyone go to the parade this year even Paul. He wasn't that happy about it, but Paul came, and in the picture he is even smiling but I think he faked it. It was a nice 40* outside and hundreds of crazies came out to watch more crazies walk down the street with green wigs and kilts on. I'm also a crazy because I was loving the whole thing. This parade is really long it should be 2 hours. We left 2 and1/2 hours and it still was going strong. St. Patty parade has lots of dogs and horses in it, which Jack and Dean loved. Wyatt was loving the candy that they would throw out. Paul and Grandpa Gary stood in the sun the whole time, they would also take the boys up and down the escalator. Grammy took us out to lunch after. We had a great time this year, can't wait until next year.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Its coming..

Spring is almost here! My crocuses are coming out. Wyatt and Dean love finding new flowers in the flower beds. I can't keep Dean from picking them. I need to remind myself to plant more early spring bulbs next year. Flowers are a delight when the snow melts. The boys got to go play in the sandbox the other day. This time of year the boys love the sandbox and I hate all the laundry that comes with it. Oh well. I would much rather do laundry then have two crazy boys bouncing off the wall inside.