Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's Christmas without Gingerbread Houses

Where does the frosting go, yeah right. THE MAD BAKER
Did you want it on my house or in my mouth Mom?

I did so much better than last year Mom!!!!

Do you think they all look like the picture on the box. We had fun that was the most important part!

I want to remember...

...Deano's first gift to me. Dean was so excited to give me a gift and was trying to give me clues on what it was before he finished it at school. Today he brought it home and told me not to tear the paper he printed on.

He is so funny the first thing he does when he comes home is takes off all his school clothe's and runs around in just his pants.
Very pretty Deano

Santa with no tears

The other night our grocery store in town had Santa come to the dairy department. We meet up with some friends and went. I think this is the first year you can't see a sad face.

Lone Peak Knights 2011

Wyatt played 1st grade football this fall. His team was the UCFC champions. They had wonderful Coaches. I was impressed with how well they coached the kids, it was not harsh or aggressive, it was constructive and positive. Wyatt practiced 4 days a week for 3 months and it showed they would crush all the teams. Wyatt would just be glowing after most of the million degree practices. Wyatt didn't care for the games as much. I think it was because he was head to head with giants. Most of the kids he went up against were at least a foot or more taller than him. I think he did great for his first year. Wyatt says there is no way he will play next year but we will see.

The north pole express with Grammy

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gillespie's 2011

Our friend Mandy Lee Taylor took our family photos this fall. I love what she did. Mandy took all of these plus more in under an hour and half, which makes Paul so happy. I love the one of my in-laws. The photo under here, if you look really well you can see Wyatt giving me bunny ears and then she got me catching him. I keep her blog linked up on the sidebar so look at it every once and while, She does great work.