Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Park

We went to the park with Champ and baby Kasper

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pool #2

Does this picture off the box look like the same size of pool the boys are in?

we are on pool number two already. I think the boys were sad on how small it turned out. I just have to wait and see what they think of it when it has water.

Palisade 09

We just got back from our Gillespie Family trip. I love Palisade its just south of Manti and it's this little gem in the middle of Utah. They have clean, grassy camp grounds. with a little lake that has a beach to play on and canoe's. Next to this great little place is a 18 hole golf course. That is nice and really fun to play.
The boys love being in a tent. Most of these photos look like we had great weather but it was mostly ruff. wind, wind and more wind. When it wasn't blowing we would run and get our swimsuits on and go play in the water. The boys would catch these little minnows. Dean would hold them for hours.

I tried to capture the wind and bad weather while my nieces were trying to swim with jackets on.

We had to fight the mosquitoes as we played our golf but look we're smiling through it. I think we made the most of our trip. We got to visit with family for a few days and eat good food. I know the boys had a blast and I bet they really didn't notice the weather and bugs. We just hope next year we will have less mosquitoes and more sunny weather.

Swim day

Silly Deano