Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Caterpillar Egg

My cute friend Jamie and her even cuter daughter Hannah gave me a caterpillar egg for my birthday and so the boys could watch the whole cycle of a butterfly. Can you see the little gray dot on the leaf, that my friends, is our butterfly, well caterpillar first. I showed it to Wyatt this morning, he was kind of excited. I'm sure when it gets a little bigger than this (.) it will be more exciting for him.

A bunch of families in our neighborhood grow butterflies each summer. They find them in the egg form, then grow caterpillars. They feed these little guys lots of milk weed so the caterpillar can grow nice and big. The little creepy caterpillar will spin a cocoon for the whole family to watch. These families have all said that the best part is watching the butterfly coming out of the cocoon and drying off, lastly being able to set it free. So this summer I thought it will be fun to blog our Butterfly experience, so stay tuned.

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Emily S. said...

We just got our eggs today so we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will hatch. If I can get my camera to work - I will be posting about it too (or I just might have to steal some of your great photos :-)