Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dean Shopping Day

Who knew the mall was so fun for kids. I took Dean to the mall to shop with my mom. I just I hadn't been there for a while. They have a train that runs down the whole mall and of course Dean had to ride the zebra.

First Day of Spring - Grammy's Zoo Day

My mom has always loved the zoo and so of course she begs to take the kids at least once a year. You think we could accommodate that every year, but life gets busy for both of us and so we went really early this year. It turned out to be a perfect day.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

four months and growing so fast.

Gracie weights 12.10 pounds. Both of the boys weighed that at 2 months old. Dean the 6 pounds at birth weighed a whopping 15 pounds at 4 months old. I am so glad she is small. Just means she will be my baby longer. Gracie is hitting the 25% mark in weight, 75% in height and her head is 50%. The Doctor called that a super model size.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gracie's Crib is up

We got the crib up finally now that she is almost 4 months. We waited because its up in the boys room. "They say three is a crowed" but it's not that bad. The other night we put them all to sleep in their room and we had to do a little dance. Our celebration was short lived. I had to feed Gracie a few times and Dean wandered in some time around 3. What can you say it a start. I love my bedding and mobile because I made it. I have more pictures on my showoff craft blog. you just need to click on the side. This picture is really funny. W and G are in there jams but D is not. Lately Dean is always changing into them several times a day.

Gracie loves going to sleep now. You could say she's sleeping like a baby. hehehe

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Annual Tubing Day

We usually go up to Grammy's house to take the kids sleigh riding on the hill in front of their house at least once a year. We called Nick and Brittany on our way up to see if Jack could come over and play. The kids are still pretty little that one or two times down the hill is enough, but they continued to play outside for quite sometime in the snow.

Randi and Dean had the best run of the day.

The kids made their own thrones. Dean has a fascination of eating snow, hopefully it's not yellow. Snow angels everywhere.
When they got too wet and cold off to the hot tub. Baby G's first swim with her Aunt Randi!