Thursday, May 29, 2008

50 loves

I was inspired by my two friends Melissa and Casey. Casey and I where talking about my Subaru and how we love Subaru's which lead to some other things we loves together. Casey has a list of five or so things she loves. That same week I was reading Melissa's blog and she had a giant list of things she loves. I think every one should do one. Some times we get caught up with work, kids, or school. We need to remind ourselves who we are and what we like. Here is my list not in any particular order.
1. Jesus Christ
2. Paul
3. Wyatt and Deano
4. All of my parents
5. The rest of the Family
6. Vacations
7. Sewing a quilt
8. Subaru (my car)
9. Snowy days
10. A clean house
11. Blogging
12. Fresh cut grass
13. My backyard
14. Cheese pancakes
15. Fishing
16. New cloths
17. Summer evenings
18. Oprah
19. Massage
20. Getting my hair cut
21. Visiting my friends
22. Flip flops
23. Glaus bakery
24. Golfing with Paul
25. Lake Powell
26. My cheesey shows: Grays, Ugly Betty, Samantha Who,
27. Hip hop abs
28. Sunny days on the ski hill
29. Gap
30. Long hot showers
31. Planning my trip to Turkey
32. Going out to lunch
33. Being in Young Women's
34. Planning my new house
35. Grandma and Grandpa Gillespie's back yard
36. Planting a garden
37. Reading a novel
38. Making cute bags
39. Talking on the phone with my Mom
40. Thanksgiving point
41. Planting my window boxes
42. Camping
43. The feeling after I go to the Temple
44. Grandpa and Grandma Summers Cabin all year round
45. Mountains
46. Magleby's grill
47. Nordstrom cafe with Lesli & Jenny
48. Where I live
49. Date night or watching scary Ghost Whisper with Paul
50. Getting comments on my blog


This morning Dean had a can of his dad's Dr Pepper. I know what you are thinking "Oh, isn't that a little young. ah ya!!!!" We don't give them glasses of the stuff. But dad is always drinking it. Paul says he hates water. The last few months I have been trying to get Wyatt off of Sprite and Root Beer. So he has tried to get me to give him Mt. Dew and Dr Pepper. I give Wyatt a line why he can't have it. Well Wyatt gave the same line to Dean this morning. Wyatt said in a grown up voice "Dean you can't have Dr Pepper you're to young. This Dr Pepper has to much taffeine in it." I had to laugh it was really cute how Wyatt said it and the fact he does hear what I say when he is having a fit over something he wants.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I just placed my first order and joined the Xengevity team this week. This is kind of exciting for me.
Here are some reasons why I order Xengevity food:
*Xengevity gives me the flexibility I need. I don't have to stress out any more on what to make for lunch and dinner. I try to make dinner for my family, but now my husband is working long hours, it is hard to be motivated to make dinner for one. He hates eating leftovers. Also, joining my small children in peanut butter and hot dogs can be a real drag. This way the days my husband is working, I can eat a fresh, healthy meal at 6:00 and he can still have a fresh, healthy meal at 8:30. I can still make full meals when we are both together, or go out on the town.
* Xengevity is fresh food, I am going to eat healthier. I was just thinking, I have not stayed on a healthy diet longer than two weeks.
* Xengevity is all appropriate portioned meals, I am going to lose weight. Yeah, say goodbye to the last of my baby weight.
* Two words for Xengevity's red snapper, LOVE IT! Due to my husband not liking fish or pork, I have missed out on those items my whole marriage. He can eat all the turkey, chicken and beef he wants and leave me all the good stuff.
* Xengevity works great for single people that eat out every meal. It also works great for couples, they can eat many different things in one week and not throw any extra food away.
* Xengevity pays you to sell their product directly to customers.
I am super excited about joining the Xengevity team. I have to admit I am a little nervous. I don't have a background in business or nutrition, but I know the Xengevity company is going to teach me and walk along side me in this venture. Xengevity is for any and all that want to eat healthy. I know I made the right choice for me and my family. If any of this sounds right for you or anyone in your life, please call or email me. We can talk about your future with Xengevity. Ammie Gillespie

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My house is being over taken but these tiny little ant armies. I have seen them in every room. I think the little armies knows and are loving it that I have a 15 month old baby that makes a mess out of eating a cracker. Today I saw them in the boys room and showed them to Wyatt. Wyatt said "we have to get some food out of the kitchen and brake it up and feed them little bits of food." I replied "NO WAY!! Wyatt we can't feed them or you will have million ants in your bed." Wyatt didn't like that idea.
I vacuum every other day, maybe I should up it to every day for a while. If you know any home remedies (other than bug spray) to get these tiny little ant armies to march out of my house please let me know.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Zoo

Our first trip to the Zoo this year, we had so much fun. We have lots of pictures to prove it, between Randi and I here are the best ones. I probably should have done a slideshow but oh well. Wyatt and Jack.

Jack's favorite animal was the striped horses, the Zebras .Randi had to get into the act of entertaining the penguins with a reflection from her cd on the wall. Wyatt is laughing at a fly squirrel.

Randi took some great pictures.

Dean will not look away from that talking elephant.

Every time we go to the zoo we have to get a photo with the bears.
look Jack smiling, he only smiles for his RANDI.

Wyatt trying to hop over the fence. Don't worry its not a fence to a wild tiger or a bear.
This part of the zoo makes me nervous, we are under a tree full of birds.
I tried to get Wyatt in the picture of the boa but he wouldn't get closer.
Wyatt's favorite animal are the snakes, he loves them.
You always have to take the train when you are at the zoo. Wyatt would have been happy if he just took the train period. It was Jack's first train ride, so he was pretty fasinated by the whole thing. All three of them would have been happy with just water and a big toy.
Dean looks tired or scared, I don't know which.

We had a great time, thanks Brittany for taking us with your pass. Maybe next time I will catch you in a picture. We can tell you don't like being in them since you are in so many this trip.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Point

On Wednesday we went to Thanksgiving Point's Farm and Dinosaurs Museum. We first invited Brittany, Jack to go with us. We ended up with Brittany, Jack, Brittany's brother KC, Jenny, Noah, Reagan, and last, the best Grandma Summers. We first had lunch, the kids were so good, other than Dean spilling a drink on me. Then we walked over to the farm. You would think Wyatt would be so sick of the same old farm animals, but he's not. He loves feeding the goats corn, he is finally brave to let them lick it off his hand. He loves running down to the chickens then over to the Jail and Kitty's dance hall. Then Wyatt loves to run up to the ponys, I swear he acts like he has never ridden one before, he gets so excited waiting in line. When he is on his 3' pony he yells yeehaw, woo who, and ride'em cowboy, the whole time, he loves it. On this trip I put Dean on his first pony. Dean was a lot like Wyatt on his first ride, he loved the pony from a far, but as soon as I put him on he wants nothing to do with it on top of any moving animal. I did what any good mom would do, I made him stay until he liked it. After the farm we headed over to the Dinosaur Museum where we meet up with Grandma Summers. What can I say about the museum all kids love that place, they have cool things to look at and touch. They have two sand boxes one with water and the other with bare bones to uncover. We had a great time we need to do it again soon.
Wyatt's favorite friend is his cousin Noah, he talks about him daliy. I think I am going to enlarge this photo and frame it for Wyatt.
Feeding the goats.
First pony ride. Dean doesn't quit know what to think. Yeehaw, woo who
Wyatt, KC, Jack, Noah
KC with the giant goats.
They look a little awkward. I think they are having fun
Kids and taking photos are so hard sometimes. WYATT get back, you are too close.
I guess that's as good as we are going to get. Reagen and Jack are still learning. You have to sit and say cheese for a minute or two for a good shot. Wyatt and Noah are pros.
Wait come back I didn't get the shot.
All hold hands so Dean doesn't run off. Now that is cute!! Deano and the Dino.

Cute! Oh no Dean you walked right in the picture.
Every one on.

Dean loves the sand, he really loves getting dirty.
Look what Noah found!
Wyatt doing a sand angel, just can't help himself he has to get in head to toe. We are so glad Grandma was there to play with the kids.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008