Tuesday, May 18, 2010

T Day

T Day stands for Tulips at the Temple. My Mom invited us up for a quick bite to eat and walking through the Temple grounds to see the absolutely beautiful flowers. Nobody does it better than this temple grounds. We had fun. We even found two headed tulips.

6 months and sitting like a big girl.

A lot can happen in one month for a baby. Gracie has been sitting up with no support since her 5 month mark. Gracie has been eating lots of baby food. At first I was a little worried Gracie hated rice cereal but now she eats fruits and sweet potatoes so fast that she gets mad, I'm not giving it to her fast enough. She gets so excited when Paul comes home and talks to her. She giggles with the boys or when Razor comes up to her. Gracie is a good baby.

What do you think? Which one does she look most like?

Which one of these boys does Gracie look more a like? Some family and friends say Wyatt. Some say Dean.

It's so weird in the photo with Wyatt she looks like him. but wow, in the photo with Dean she look like Dean. I will tell you one thing thank goodness she looks like both. I used to get asked if they had different dads all the time.

These boys love baths as you can see. I don't know how they do it, they get water every where.

Topaz Mountain for Rock hounders..

We drove 2 hours southeast to a mountain in the middle of nowhere.

How many Gillespies can you get on a four wheeler? One Paul, three boys and a dog. oh, wait you didn't see Gracie and I on the front I had to get off to take the picture.
Greg and Josh came with us.
Grandma and Grandpa Gillespie
Ryan and Jen. Thanks Ryan for the great idea to come down and have some fun.
Dean and Gracie in the trailer we borrowed. Dean looks like he has horns in this picture. haha

Our happy family moment, Paul and I with Gracie, looking away at Wyatt on the minnie four wheeler. Dean off chasing Wyatt.

Wyatt in the dirt looking for Topaz bear foot.
Gracie sitting in her chair. Grandma put her on some newspaper so she wouldn't get dirty.
But Gracie is smart she will eat the paper to get to the dirt.. "haha Grandma I can still get dirty".
Some of our gem hunters at work.
Oooh I found some Topaz. Did you know that topaz in the rock is brown but when it sits in the sun for a while it turns clear.
We had a great time. the weather was nice during the day, but at night, wow, it got cold. I think we all agree that we want to do this event again, and we'll stay a little longer.

End of School

We have been having so much fun with field day and the school carnival. Wyatt and Dean played games, road on rides, ate snow cones and cake, got toys. At field day they got to do relay races, craft and have a hot dog roast. They did a treasure hunt and got a goodie bag with cool glass in it. They had lots of fun.


Gracie loves cookies. She sucks on them until they are all gone. If you try to take it away she gets mad. Grandma G was eating one and holding Gracie. Gracie was trying every thing she could to get her hands on Grandma's cookie. Grandma didn't know Gracie could be a cookie monster.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What it's our Anniversary?

With that title you would think it was Paul that forgot. Well it wasn't. Yesterday was our 9Th wedding anniversary and I forgot. I was telling Paul that I had a sewing class to go to. Paul was like "you know you're not going, don't you know what day it is." I really had no clue, totally forgot. oops. Paul brought home our favorite Chinese food, and some flowers. I made him his favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We had family night and looked at our wedding album. That was it and it was perfect.

Wow, has 9 years really gone by. Somedays it feels like we were just married but mostly it feels like we have be married forever. I mean that in a "we both don't sleep through the night" good kind of way. Our wedding was a cold and warm spring day. We got married at the Timpanogas Temple in the morning with our family taking pictures in the freezing cold with a little snow. Then off to Mi Ranchito for a our wedding luncheon [it was really good]. I remember some of my family thought it was kind of trashy but changed their tune when they were eating good food, not the same old wedding buffet. After Paul and I, for some weird reason went two different ways, he went back to his mom's house and I went to our rental with my family. Then we meet up at the Bunglow in Pleasant Grove for our reception. We got up to the Bunglow for family photos and it turned into a warm sunny afternoon. It seemed like forever for us to stand in line and greet our friends and family. Then we cut the cake, I tried to eat some of our yummy food, but Paul made me greet more people for another hour. Then after we were done we drove to Wendy's in our wedding garb and got some take out and went back to our place and started our life together.

Memories. Bytheway Paul "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY."