Saturday, July 30, 2011


These cute little angles are so silly together taking a nap. He was a sleep first and she jumped on. They were like this for most of their nap. These two have a strong bond. The other day Dean was throwing the biggest tantrum. When Dean losses it I have to hold him down in his room until he stops or he will hit and throw things. So this time it went on and on for like a half hour or so. Gracie was either not liking that he was upset or that I had to sit with Dean screaming. So Gracie was also freaking out. I was out numbered with two of the loudest kids. After they both calmed down. Wyatt walked up to me and said "Mom do you remember when I was an only child? Wasn't so nice? Don't you wish I still was the only child?" Some days I try really hard to think what it was like without any kids. It's like remembering a dream. I can only remember a little bit. But I think mine and Paul's life would have been boring. Work, eating in peace, movies, the gym, going to any and every store I want to. No really they are hard work but I would not trade these moments for anything.

Wasatch Mountain

We went camping this week for a few days up at Wasatch Mountain State Park. We fished at a little pond by the golf coarse. The boys came back to the trailer where Gracie and I were hanging out,Wyatt had a tiny little fish that was tasty. We scouted for deer and elk the first night. Then the next day we went to Cascade Springs and hiked around. There we saw a moose up close, fish, and birds. On the way back we looked on 40 different milk weeds, looking for butterfly eggs. No luck we had fun. In town Paul and the kids went and got cupcakes while I was in a cute quilt shop. The last night we had our Grammy and Grandpa Gary up for dinner since they lived 20 minutes away. One funny story that happen to us was the first night when we were out by the fire Wyatt and I heard a hissing sound. which made both Dean and Wyatt very nervous and they had to sit on our laps. As we were cleaning up I heard it again and asked for a light. Right by my foot was a big beetle hissing at Razor. Paul caught it in a cup and put it in the freezer for our friend bug collection. We told Grammy about it and tried to show her and she freaked out. We all had a laugh.

Gracie had a big peice of bacon in her mouth.
Dean has a big plate in his mouth.
Wyatt has a toy in his mouth.

Gracie fell down once, which I thought was great, it wasn't more. She is showing her owee.

Wyatt is 7 today

All the stuff to have some fun Jigglepuff Jello, Charizard Fire Puff, Mewtwo melon, Energy pieces, Squirtle Spit, Black and White Cupcakes. All for Black and White Pokemon. I couldn't find any Pokemon party invitations so I made my own then I found a web site that you can make your own Pokemon cards. I made each boy their own card with picture at the party. We bought a hundred Pokemon cards from Amazon for party favors. The boys traded and played games for an hour or so. Wyatt had all of his dreams come true. All of his friends over to play Pokemon, eat cake and open presents. What a fun day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Silly Dresser

This Girl is crazy at 19 months what is she going to wear when she is 3 or 15? It makes me nervous. Gracie has 10 shirts and 7 shorts on, she has so many shirts on she can't put down her arms. All of cloths are from Deans closet. I think she looks allot like her brothers in boy cloths.

Thanksgiving point

The other day after I dropped off Wyatt at a friends house. Dean said to me "mom I never have any fun". So we ran over to the farm. Its was so fun to take him. We haven't been for a long time.

Slip n Slide

The other night two neighbor girls came to our door with a few used things to sale. One caught the boys eye a slip n slide. It was the best 7 bucks we spent. Look how much fun they are having.