Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wyatts B-day

Wyatt's big day was a blast, we started the day early opening presents. Wyatt and Dean helped make a cake. Wyatt wanted a bundt cake who knows why, but it sure was moist. We got Wyatt his first set of golf clubs. I think Wyatt loved the box better, he really loves his clubs to. We had cake and ice cream with some of the neighbors. Then we took Wyatt to the golfing range to test out his clubs. Wyatt can really hit the ball pretty good. I think he had a great day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

big birthday boy

Today is my baby Wyatts Birthday. Wyatt turned 4 years old.
Wyatt at 2 weeks old.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is the place monument park

We went to This Is The Place Monument Park in Salt Lake. My mother-in-law took lots of pictures, I need to get them from her still. This picture is the only one I took of this cute little boy picking boysenberries. They have a big train that goes all around the park, then it takes you up to a little train, we had a blast on both of them. Then you can go into all these little-itty-bitty pioneer houses that a family of 12 use to live in. The kids got to ride ponys and pet little sheep and baby cows. It was so fun, I would highly recommend it to any family.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Love take out

Some friends called us to go out to a new restaurant in town. It sounded fun but not with our kids. So we ordered on line and Paul and Tim went and picked it up. It was so great we ate outside on the grass. The kids had a blast making a mess with the food. We didn't stress out, we just let them get dirty. Well they almost all got dirty. I think Quinn looks too clean for these wild monkeys.
You can see it on her face. Asher loved the homemade raspberries milk shakes
Wyatt and Dean started the party off with some mud and ended it with sticky candy.

Water gardens

Last week we went to the Water garden with Alena and Tawnie. The kids had a blast splashing around in the fountains.

I don't want to go to bed

Dean did not want to go to bed so he threw himself down on the kitchen floor and had a fit. I just laugh at him and took his picture and threw him in bed. Poor kid always getting picked on.

green goggles

Wyatt got some new swim trunks which came with some awesome green goggles. Wyatt had to wear them for a few days.

My first.....

RED tomato ever!!!!
I have tried to grow my own tomatoes for several years. I have never succeeded, something has always ate them before they go red and it is not Paul. This year I got smarter than the deer and goats. I moved all my plants to my father-in-law's garden. Which has worked out great. Dan waters and sometimes weeds for me. I am a rookie at gardening so Dan has taught me a lot about seeds and other plant facts. Wyatt's strawberries went to the birds literally. Next year I am going to bring out the reinforcements so Wyatt can pick his own strawberries. I am toasting to the success of my one red tomato on a sandwich.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grandma Gillespie

Grandma Gillespie is such a fun Grandma. She loves to play with the boys every time we come over. They love when she reads to them books (she never reads the words, she just makes up new stories each time). They love bubbles so Grandma will blow them for hours.

Grandma isn't afraid of the dirt, she gets right in the sand box. We would like to wish her good luck and tell her that she is in our prayers. The next 3 months she will be undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. We know our Grandma will be just fine. Grandma is optomistic, and has a upbeat personality. If anyone can get through these next months she can. We love you and can't wait untill you feel better to play.

4th of July weekend