Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Batter-Batter-Batter SWING BATTER

GRANDPA, What would we do without our babysitting Grandpa. Of course, we really don't try to abuse Gary, but he sort of asks for it. He loves three things Grandma, baseball and his grandsons. Grandpa trying to watch the game at the same time of playing with his grandsons, its a little hard when the three of them are running like wild crazy bees.

So Randi was kind enough to get 10 free tickets to the Bees game and there we were. Churros were first on the snack list What are you going to buy us to eat Grandma, were hungry? Everybody do a little jig for the fans! Dean, where's Grandpa?

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Jme said...


Wow, what a great guy. It looks like you had fun. Hannah and I are going with my dad tonight actually. And I am happy to help with the headbands. Maybe just remind me...:) Sorry about Dean's fall. I can't believe how much he is still changing. And....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!