Friday, June 29, 2012

A day down town.

Just a little bit silly...

Me and my Kids

This was taken on Mother's Day this year when we are all clean and cute. This is awesome bike they got me for Mother's day. We have been riding it to church every week.

Razor the Good Dog

can you tell we love our dog.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Geode Hunting in May

We went geode hunting out at "Dugway Geode beds" We brought out Paul's brother "Lucky Ryan" he loves to go hunt for things. Wheither it be gold, topaz, metal of all kinds. Count on him to find it. We ask his cute wife Jen to come with their son Mo. Grandpa and Grandma had to join in on the fun. We brought home buckets of Geodes it was so much fun.

School 2012

 Dean with Miss Kathy and with Miss Kerri
                                  This year Dean "loved his teachers and his friends and everything."

Wyatt with Miss Wayman
This year Wyatt loved "how the teachers were so nice."

Karate Kids

Both boys earned their yellow belts this May.