Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of Preschool

Wyatt was so excited about going to preschool. A few days before he told me "Mom, you need to just drop me off and you cann't come!" I think he is ready to go and learn, play with friends and do all the other things kids to at school.
Wyatt and his buddies Jack and Champ.
Having lunch with his friends.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Super Slide


A few weekends ago we took the boys up fishing. They had a blast we caught nothing but snags. Dean fell in and Wyatt just ran around, but we had a great time.

Can you tell Wyatt got a hold of the camera. Look he got the sky, flowers, Dean and me, and himself.

The butterfly

Our little Caterpillar is all grown up now. Of course it happened when I was gone. Thank goodness Paul and the boys were home and they watched the butterfly come out of its cocoon. I think Paul was just as amazed as the boys. If any of you get the chance to have a caterpillar do it. I swear its magic!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10 days of Truth!

Today we have finished reading the Book of Mormon. Yeah!!

I am a teacher of young girls age 12-18 in the LDS Church for the last 3 years and I love it! We had a goal to read the Book of Mormon together out loud in 10 days. We met every morning at 6:45-9:30 and 2 more hours on some nights. I am so proud of the young people for coming and giving us their time and their sacrifice of sleep. The other leaders that helped are so awesome, thanks.

Oh, I have to thank Paul and other family members that took care of the boys while I was gone reading. Wyatt and Dean, you now have your mom back. One night I couldn't go because it was Wyatt's B-day so I had to read 50 pages at home. Wyatt wanted me to read them to him. It was so cute, he would ask me, "mom what does this or that mean." I would stop and answer him. Then he would say "OK keep reading." I was amazed that he got so much out of it. We are going to start reading the whole book to him, maybe we will start with the children's version.

Since I have finished the Book of Mormon I would like to share with you my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I know it is a another testament of Jesus Christ. I know it was written by holy Prophets of God. These Prophets came from Jerusalem 600 years before Christ, they made their way to ancient Americas. Some of these Prophets continued living 400 years after Christ. My favorite part of the book is when the resurrected Christ came to these people in ancient Americas. With Jesus appearing to these people he gave them the gospel and a witness to God and himself as the Savior. That would have been so cool to be there at that time.

The Book of Mormon is “a record of God’s dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. It is a powerful witness that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he is guiding us into the true teachings. It helps not only understand his teachings, but bears a second witness to the Bible.

I have felt a change of heart as I have read this book. I want to be a better person and to understand not only my own religion and the people in it, but others in their need to know why are they here and what purpose of being here on earth. I suggest anyone that would like to be closer to God to read the Book of Mormon, and then seek out a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint missionary or congregation in your area. If you are unable to find a Book of Mormon, I have linked a webpage, so you can read online. Believe me it will change your heart and feelings towards God and Jesus Christ. It did mine!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008