Monday, May 19, 2008

The Zoo

Our first trip to the Zoo this year, we had so much fun. We have lots of pictures to prove it, between Randi and I here are the best ones. I probably should have done a slideshow but oh well. Wyatt and Jack.

Jack's favorite animal was the striped horses, the Zebras .Randi had to get into the act of entertaining the penguins with a reflection from her cd on the wall. Wyatt is laughing at a fly squirrel.

Randi took some great pictures.

Dean will not look away from that talking elephant.

Every time we go to the zoo we have to get a photo with the bears.
look Jack smiling, he only smiles for his RANDI.

Wyatt trying to hop over the fence. Don't worry its not a fence to a wild tiger or a bear.
This part of the zoo makes me nervous, we are under a tree full of birds.
I tried to get Wyatt in the picture of the boa but he wouldn't get closer.
Wyatt's favorite animal are the snakes, he loves them.
You always have to take the train when you are at the zoo. Wyatt would have been happy if he just took the train period. It was Jack's first train ride, so he was pretty fasinated by the whole thing. All three of them would have been happy with just water and a big toy.
Dean looks tired or scared, I don't know which.

We had a great time, thanks Brittany for taking us with your pass. Maybe next time I will catch you in a picture. We can tell you don't like being in them since you are in so many this trip.


Stacie said...

How fun!!! I totally need to take my kids to the zoo. I hope it warms up much wind and rain. Gotta love it.

Mendenhall Madness said...

WOW, it looks like you guys had some fun. We just had to cancel our Disneyland trip because we rembered we were poor. Your pictues are all so cute.