Thursday, May 29, 2008


This morning Dean had a can of his dad's Dr Pepper. I know what you are thinking "Oh, isn't that a little young. ah ya!!!!" We don't give them glasses of the stuff. But dad is always drinking it. Paul says he hates water. The last few months I have been trying to get Wyatt off of Sprite and Root Beer. So he has tried to get me to give him Mt. Dew and Dr Pepper. I give Wyatt a line why he can't have it. Well Wyatt gave the same line to Dean this morning. Wyatt said in a grown up voice "Dean you can't have Dr Pepper you're to young. This Dr Pepper has to much taffeine in it." I had to laugh it was really cute how Wyatt said it and the fact he does hear what I say when he is having a fit over something he wants.

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