Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Gift

For the last 4 years Paul has given me flowers for my yard. Its so fun buying a different color scheme every year. This year I opt for the dark pink and white in the window boxes. The flower beds have yellow, red, pinks, and white. Its so funny when we come home with 6 flats of flowers, it looks like a ton of flowers, but when I'm all done planting the flowers, the beds and boxes look kind of wimpy. I have to remind myself they will get big and look awesome in a few weeks. Every year I put the grass in the boxes for two reasons first we can open the blinds and look out but its hard to look in. Second it is that they grow big and fast so I don't have to buy the nursery to fill the three boxes. Thanks Paul for the beautiful flowers I will enjoy them all summer long. That is if I can keep them alive all summer long. We'll see!

Oh my, I would give any thing for a MUD ROOM. But instead I have a MUD HOUSE!!!! Spring and Summer is going to be so long. My three boys come in everyday with dirt on their shoes and clothes. Wyatt and Dean have to come through the whole house to find me, because they need my help to take off there muddy shoes, and wash their hands, feet, and face, then stripping them down and putting on fresh clean clothes. I change Wyatt and Dean's outfits two, three, and sometimes four times a day. So if you come over unannounced you may find a dirt trail, and Wyatt and Dean half dressed, with mud still on them.


Melissa said...

Pretty flowers-those are great pictures! Thanks for letting us stop by today! I needed to show someone my quilt!!

brit said...

aimee! it was so good to hear from you. we have added your blog so we can keep in touch. we miss you guys and hopefully we can hang out this summer when we are visiting Utah. I'm sure the kids will be instant friends. talk to you soon!

Emily S. said...

The flowers are lovely. Yes - it is going to be one dirty summer with a new walking toddler around. I am learning that!