Thursday, May 29, 2008

50 loves

I was inspired by my two friends Melissa and Casey. Casey and I where talking about my Subaru and how we love Subaru's which lead to some other things we loves together. Casey has a list of five or so things she loves. That same week I was reading Melissa's blog and she had a giant list of things she loves. I think every one should do one. Some times we get caught up with work, kids, or school. We need to remind ourselves who we are and what we like. Here is my list not in any particular order.
1. Jesus Christ
2. Paul
3. Wyatt and Deano
4. All of my parents
5. The rest of the Family
6. Vacations
7. Sewing a quilt
8. Subaru (my car)
9. Snowy days
10. A clean house
11. Blogging
12. Fresh cut grass
13. My backyard
14. Cheese pancakes
15. Fishing
16. New cloths
17. Summer evenings
18. Oprah
19. Massage
20. Getting my hair cut
21. Visiting my friends
22. Flip flops
23. Glaus bakery
24. Golfing with Paul
25. Lake Powell
26. My cheesey shows: Grays, Ugly Betty, Samantha Who,
27. Hip hop abs
28. Sunny days on the ski hill
29. Gap
30. Long hot showers
31. Planning my trip to Turkey
32. Going out to lunch
33. Being in Young Women's
34. Planning my new house
35. Grandma and Grandpa Gillespie's back yard
36. Planting a garden
37. Reading a novel
38. Making cute bags
39. Talking on the phone with my Mom
40. Thanksgiving point
41. Planting my window boxes
42. Camping
43. The feeling after I go to the Temple
44. Grandpa and Grandma Summers Cabin all year round
45. Mountains
46. Magleby's grill
47. Nordstrom cafe with Lesli & Jenny
48. Where I live
49. Date night or watching scary Ghost Whisper with Paul
50. Getting comments on my blog


Melissa said...

I love it! We do have so much in common! I could have gone on and looking at yours, I was like, oh yeah, I love that too!!

Jensen Family said...

Fun idea Ammie It was fun to read and thanks for bring that stuff over today sorry wer're under the weather,next time:)

Emily S. said...

Great list! We love subarus too :-)