Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Point

On Wednesday we went to Thanksgiving Point's Farm and Dinosaurs Museum. We first invited Brittany, Jack to go with us. We ended up with Brittany, Jack, Brittany's brother KC, Jenny, Noah, Reagan, and last, the best Grandma Summers. We first had lunch, the kids were so good, other than Dean spilling a drink on me. Then we walked over to the farm. You would think Wyatt would be so sick of the same old farm animals, but he's not. He loves feeding the goats corn, he is finally brave to let them lick it off his hand. He loves running down to the chickens then over to the Jail and Kitty's dance hall. Then Wyatt loves to run up to the ponys, I swear he acts like he has never ridden one before, he gets so excited waiting in line. When he is on his 3' pony he yells yeehaw, woo who, and ride'em cowboy, the whole time, he loves it. On this trip I put Dean on his first pony. Dean was a lot like Wyatt on his first ride, he loved the pony from a far, but as soon as I put him on he wants nothing to do with it on top of any moving animal. I did what any good mom would do, I made him stay until he liked it. After the farm we headed over to the Dinosaur Museum where we meet up with Grandma Summers. What can I say about the museum all kids love that place, they have cool things to look at and touch. They have two sand boxes one with water and the other with bare bones to uncover. We had a great time we need to do it again soon.
Wyatt's favorite friend is his cousin Noah, he talks about him daliy. I think I am going to enlarge this photo and frame it for Wyatt.
Feeding the goats.
First pony ride. Dean doesn't quit know what to think. Yeehaw, woo who
Wyatt, KC, Jack, Noah
KC with the giant goats.
They look a little awkward. I think they are having fun
Kids and taking photos are so hard sometimes. WYATT get back, you are too close.
I guess that's as good as we are going to get. Reagen and Jack are still learning. You have to sit and say cheese for a minute or two for a good shot. Wyatt and Noah are pros.
Wait come back I didn't get the shot.
All hold hands so Dean doesn't run off. Now that is cute!! Deano and the Dino.

Cute! Oh no Dean you walked right in the picture.
Every one on.

Dean loves the sand, he really loves getting dirty.
Look what Noah found!
Wyatt doing a sand angel, just can't help himself he has to get in head to toe. We are so glad Grandma was there to play with the kids.

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Jme said...

We love Wyatt and Dean...we were just talking to my mom tonight about the funny things he says!