Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My house is being over taken but these tiny little ant armies. I have seen them in every room. I think the little armies knows and are loving it that I have a 15 month old baby that makes a mess out of eating a cracker. Today I saw them in the boys room and showed them to Wyatt. Wyatt said "we have to get some food out of the kitchen and brake it up and feed them little bits of food." I replied "NO WAY!! Wyatt we can't feed them or you will have million ants in your bed." Wyatt didn't like that idea.
I vacuum every other day, maybe I should up it to every day for a while. If you know any home remedies (other than bug spray) to get these tiny little ant armies to march out of my house please let me know.

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Daniel said...

raid brand ant houses....they are good stuff.