Thursday, May 22, 2008


I just placed my first order and joined the Xengevity team this week. This is kind of exciting for me.
Here are some reasons why I order Xengevity food:
*Xengevity gives me the flexibility I need. I don't have to stress out any more on what to make for lunch and dinner. I try to make dinner for my family, but now my husband is working long hours, it is hard to be motivated to make dinner for one. He hates eating leftovers. Also, joining my small children in peanut butter and hot dogs can be a real drag. This way the days my husband is working, I can eat a fresh, healthy meal at 6:00 and he can still have a fresh, healthy meal at 8:30. I can still make full meals when we are both together, or go out on the town.
* Xengevity is fresh food, I am going to eat healthier. I was just thinking, I have not stayed on a healthy diet longer than two weeks.
* Xengevity is all appropriate portioned meals, I am going to lose weight. Yeah, say goodbye to the last of my baby weight.
* Two words for Xengevity's red snapper, LOVE IT! Due to my husband not liking fish or pork, I have missed out on those items my whole marriage. He can eat all the turkey, chicken and beef he wants and leave me all the good stuff.
* Xengevity works great for single people that eat out every meal. It also works great for couples, they can eat many different things in one week and not throw any extra food away.
* Xengevity pays you to sell their product directly to customers.
I am super excited about joining the Xengevity team. I have to admit I am a little nervous. I don't have a background in business or nutrition, but I know the Xengevity company is going to teach me and walk along side me in this venture. Xengevity is for any and all that want to eat healthy. I know I made the right choice for me and my family. If any of this sounds right for you or anyone in your life, please call or email me. We can talk about your future with Xengevity. Ammie Gillespie

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Xengevity said...

Hey Amy,

Great blogsite, I just googled Xengevity and it was close to the top of the search. I'm glad to hear you are part of the company and you enjoy the food. I hope all is well with you and tell your fam. hi for me. L

et us know if we can help you out in any way.