Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Labor Day we went up to the Washington's cabin up at Scofield to fish. As you can see the boys caught a few each. Wyatt was the first to reel in a whopper. We were using worms and colored marshmallows. We only had to cast out 10 feet, anymore they wouldn't bite it. Paul and Brian were working hard and fast getting the worms hooked and the fish off. All Dean talked about before was he wanted a baby fish. Well he got one. This little baby one is a junk fish so Paul threw it into the weeds. Dean was so sad, so his really nice Dad went up in the weeds and found it for him. The fish would jump in front of Dean and he would cry out "the fish just bit me".
The kids at the cabin looking at dinner. Wow I love eating fish, wish Paul did too. Thanks Brian and Lara we had a blast.

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