Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Largest Manmade Pit In the World

At the very last minute my Mom decided to join me and my brother and his family to go to the Kennecott Copper Mine. As we drove up to it I was telling the kids a few details about it and Wyatt just kept screaming "WOW" after each detail. I don't think he really knew how big of a "WOW" it was going to be.

The kids loved watching the trucks move around in the pit.

They have quite a large museum about the history and different facts about the rock they pull out of the pit. We got to watch a very informative 15 min. movie which the kids were really good about watching.

The highlight wasn't being at the pit, but leaving the mine. We were held up on the road for some of the trucks to pass us by. You don't get the concept of how large those trucks are until you have one coming at you. It took the entire road for it to move around on. The kids loved it.

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