Monday, March 10, 2008

New Car

Saturday we bought a new car a Subaru Tribeca 2006. It has 7 seats but its not too big. It has leather seats easy clean up with the kids. It also has a navigator so I will never be lost, that is if I can work the dang thing. Paul doesn't know but we now can have lots more kids to fill it. It drives really well and the dash board is so nice to look at. I LOVE IT. I feel so BLESSED to have it. When they first came out we said we could never afford one. Now look at us we are Happy owners of a Tribeca.


Melissa said...

That is a nice looking car. I'm glad you love it and I'm glad you have a blog now!! Yeah!!

Jensen Family said...

I tracked your new address through Laura and Brian's. That Car is amazing and you really deserve it. Cute blog I'm impressed.

larawashington said...

Cute car! Did you find Easter outfits for the kids?