Sunday, March 23, 2008


Wyatt was so excited about Easter this year. Two days before Easter we dyed eggs. Color dye and a three year old that loves to do everything himself was a bit nerve racking. Happy to say that we didn't have anything dyed that shouldn't have been. Wyatt and I had fun putting stickers on them. After Wyatt asked if we could eat them, we cracked into them and found the egg inside was under cooked and gross. I had tryed the Kraft Foods recipe rescue. The recipe was to avoid over cooking eggs, so they would not have the gray ring inside. Well I did every thing they said, to the T. Its so sad they look so great but they were not edible. So I think Wyatt and I are going to have a throwing contest on Monday. I had to cook some more eggs for a salad. My confidence in cooking eggs was rather low, but I did it. The salad was a hit. Saturday was the big egg hunt at the park. I asked Grandma Gillespie to go with us and made Paul come. I think if Easter is in March they should do the hunts later, maybe at noon. They didn't, it was at 9:oo sharp. We got to the park 15 minutes early, and froze our butts off. Wyatt and Grandma Gillespie frosted cookies before it started. Dean and Paul walked around trying to stay warm. The hunt was right at 9:00 and we were in the car driving home at 9:05. Wyatt picked up only green eggs. Dean is literally eating his bag of candy. Easter morning the Easter bunny came to our house. Dean and Wyatt looked for eggs filled with toys and chocolate. We went to church then to the Gillespie party and had a blast. We had dinner and more egg hunts. The kids got a goody bag full of small toys, candy and even a dollar. The adults had a hunt and I was the winner with 4 golden eggs. After we played kick ball. Even Grandma Gillespie played, she amazes me how young she is. Then we dashed off to the Summers' party. We had dessert and our last egg hunt. The kids had a blast looking for eggs. Wyatt found 9 eggs with some money in them. Grandma Summers had the 2nd annual hunt for us adults, where every one is a winner. We all took home $$$$. We came home and read the childrens book the "First Easter," about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. It was a perfect way to end a fun Easter day.


Emily S. said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! I thought about going to that Easter egg hunt at the park. It was chilly that morning!

Melissa said...

I thought about that egg hunt, I just thought it was too cold! Our kids get sick way too easily!! :) Your boys are adorable!!

larawashington said...

Where did you get your darling tie? I so badly wanted one for Blake. It is hard to find them so little. Looks like you had a fun day. Thank goodness our egg hunt on Saturday was in the afternoon. It was nice and warm.