Thursday, March 20, 2008


While walking home from the Park yesterday, Wyatt wanted to change our course and go up into Alpine Cemetery which is on the biggest hill ever. I told him I can't, that hill is way to big for me to push two little boys up. Wyatt jumped out of the stroller and started to walk up the hill. He said "MOM YOU CAN DO IT, COME ON". So I started up. Along the way Wyatt keep saying "MOM YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN MAKE IT, COME ON JUST KEEP TRYING, GOOD JOB MOM YOUR DOING IT". As we got to the top of that big old hill Wyatt was very proud he and I made it up. Later that day I was thinking about Wyatt and that dang hill. It felt so good that some one was cheering me on and it was even better that my 3yr. old was my little cheerleader. We all have to go up big hills in our life. It's so important for all of us to take our turn cheering on our family and friends. I think this is something I want to work harder on. I HOPE that I can get better at this and that Wyatt will keep cheering others on for the rest of his life. Good job Wyatt for teaching your mom something.
The lessons we can learn if only we pay attention.
I was going to end it there on a warm and fuzzy feeling but I learned something else. Back on the top of that hill Wyatt jumps on the stroller and says "MOM LET GO OF THE STROLLER." Wyatt now wants to go down the hill and he wants to go down fast "SUPER FAST". Being the parent, I know if I let go they will be in danger. The hill is too big, they wouldn't be able to stop on their own. Wyatt and I fought over the handles on the stroller all the way down. Right now I am bigger than him but when he is 16-17 years old, will I be able to keep him from danger. I know I will have to let him go some day. Will I be strong enough to let him go. For now I have to try my hardest to teach him right from wrong. So hopefully he will be able to see things as they are and make wise choices.

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Emily S. said...

Way to go! That is quite the hill to climb! I don't know that I would even attempt it :-)