Monday, November 23, 2009

A week with Grammy and Grandpa Gary

The day of Gracie's actual birth, Grammy and Grandpa got to have Wyatt and Dean for a couple of days, it turned out a week, but whose counting. They had fun from coloring books to reading at night, to going on their own little field trips. Wyatt was going to miss school so he had to have a few educational moments. Here is what they got to do.

Utah Natural History Museum - Grammy knew that the boys had never been to this museum and neither had she, so off they went. It was a lot of fun from looking at hundreds of different rocks, to bugs, to indian ruins, to dinosaurs. Everything came somewhere in Utah.

By Thursday I knew I was very homesick for my boys so mom brought down the boys to see Gracie, have lunch at McDonalds and then off to the park to play.

Mom had tried for several days to get the boys on the frontrunner and knowing the last day she would have the boys she scouped them up along with Jack and off for a train ride. Randi and Brian were on the other end to take them to the children's treehouse museum which is like a hugh play house made up of several floors and a treehouse in the middle. Even though they weren't there for very long, they had a blast.

The very last thing they got to do was see their Uncle Nick ride in the cyclocross race in Heber. They met up with their Dad and their week of fun with Grammy and Grandpa were over.

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