Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Night Of Wondering "Was I Right"

This was Gracie bed for the last week. Over all I really had a great experience of St. Mark's Hospital but a week of this I was done. I ask the doctor to let me take her home with oxygen. I had two boys, a dog and a husband to take care of. Not that I didn't have the support I just felt really torn.

Gracie and I went through all of the classes and testing to make sure her and I were ready to go home. So with monitor and oxygen canister in hand we went into the dark cold night. I barely got her in the car and the monitor goes off, I was so unsure of myself, but with help of calling my friend, I got her home. Not realizing the whole time she was sound asleep with the air tube out and the monitor had come off her foot.

After sanitizing the boys they got to hold their new baby sister and then off to bed with them. Razor gave her a royal welcome home with a lick on the cheek.

Paul finally gave up in going to bed in our bedroom when the monitor and the baby wouldn't stop beeping. Sofa bound until 5:30 when Dean got up and kicked him off of the sofa as well. 6:30 arrived, both boys up, no sleep for mom or dad, and Dean accidentally spilled his cereal, did I really care.

After feeding Gracie every hour until 2:00 a.m. I started wondering "should I have left her in the hospital for one more night, am I really ready for this, was I right." She finally fell asleep until 7:30.

I have realized maybe I bit more than I could chew, but as a family we will do it together, of course with a lot of help from extended family and friends. Thank you so much for all of you.

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