Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bean Museum

We went to the BYU Bean Museum, (they don't have any beans just stuff animals and bugs.) We called Kelly and Lindsey and their boys to go with us. Paul gave us a one hour time limit because he knew I could be in there for hours looking at each animal and tiny bug. The boys ran threw it pretty fast. It is a cool place to take kids. The museum is free which I had learned last time we went when I went up the desk to pay for our family. They have lots of animals bears, lions, rhinos, giraffes, Dik-diks which was Paul's favorite to say. They have this big butterfly on the wall. When you get close to it you can see it's really hundreds of big and little butterflies in a butterfly pattern. I should have taken a photo of it, next time. After our one hour we headed to the creamery for home made ice cream and burgers. The place is so old, when we were sitting their in the booth I was picturing Paul's parent on their first date. Our day didn't end there we went to "Jacks" to bowl. Wyatt and Paul had been talking about going bowling for a while so we finally did it. Dean and Wyatt and Christian were all pulling strikes with the help of the bumpers. It was a fun day, we all had a great time.

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Emily S. said...

That sounds like one fun-filled day! We also love the Bean Museum and creamery.