Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I spy

I made Wyatt and Dean big boy quilts with fun boy fabrics. I used my Hawaiian friends idea , One Shabby Chick and made up my own pattern. As I was collecting my fabrics, Wyatt said "You can't use any girly or baby fabrics on mine". Everyday for 3 weeks Wyatt would ask me if his quilt was done. I had the quilter put their names on them.
This one is Wyatt's with his favorite combine harvester.
This one is Dean's, he has the choo choo.


Carrie Anne said...

those turned out so awesome! wyatt is so funny with that combine harvester.:) that kid makes me smile & laugh all the time! i miss his old hair, though...he looks too old now...boy is he cute!

Rachel said...

How fun is this quilt! Love it you did a great job! And I also love the baby glue quilt below this post! Simply amazing.


Kati and Jon said...

You are amazing! I miss you!