Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week one down

We still have a dog after one week!! We have named him Razor. I know it's not common like Fido or Spot but it fits him. His old name started with a "R" so we didn't want to confuse him too much. We had a challenging first week.

Day 1 we went to Costco with out him and Razor made a big pooh pooh mess that Paul had to clean up.

Day 2 Razor got out of the back yard after I left for play group and got busted by the cops, thank goodness we called the Alpine Police before they shipped him to the dog pound.

Day 3 Razor had to get his shots and get his manhood fixed.

Day 4 Razor made another big big mess after we left for the Farmers Market, which I had to clean up because Paul left to go hunting. I was saying allot of SSS words while cleaning up his pooh pooh.

Day 5 we took him to the Petsmart to buy a bigger crate so his pooh pooh mess would be easy to clean up.

Day 6 I looked on line, Razor has separation anxiety that hopefully will go away with time and love mixed with some training.

Day 7 we now walk Razor every day to get him worn down so in a few days we will be able to leave and come home to a pooh pooh free crate.

Every one that has met the dog thinks he is a really great dog. Razor is great with the kids. He doesn't bark or run off. He is sweet, I think with some time for us to get use to him and him to us we will have ourselves a great family dog.


Sadie said...

He's a cutie!

Jensen Family said...

You got a dog?????
Sound like a fun week-NOT
But don't worry Luke is so jelous