Monday, September 22, 2008


My Mom and her card playing friends go to southern Utah every summer to see some plays. This year she invited me. We drove down with two friends of hers, Pam and Kaylene. So we started our trip off with golf at Sky Mountain. The skies were blue and the greens were green. We had a lot of fun for nine holes.

Then off to the hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Hurricane. It was one of the nicest hotels that I had been to. It was great just to read my book in the room, but I ventured out to the cool pool and enjoyed a dip.
We got together later for a pot luck dinner that had way too much food on the table for all of us and then off to the play. We went and saw Big River. Now those that have not seen Big River and would like to, STOP READING NOW. Big River is about Huckleberry Finn going down the Mississippi River. About five songs into the play, as Huck and Jim are on their raft, all of a sudden this big wall of water come rushing out of the red rock behind the stage and flooded the stage, making the stage into a river. At one point the actors had rain coming down on them. With it being an open outdoor stage, they utilitized fireworks into both plays. It was a lot of fun.
Next day my Mom and I got up and drove over to my Great Aunt LaRee's house in Bloomington. It was fun to the hear the old stories about my grandmother and other ancestors.
Then we ran back to the hotel, picked up a few friends and off to Silver Reef, an old mining town. The ghost stories from the shop clerk in the museum and art store were quite amazing. What was even more interesting was the cemetaries back in the 1800s were separated their Catholics from their Protestants.
That night we saw Les Miserables. Amazing voices and singing, sad story, but still amazing!!!
The next day we started back late after quickly going through Kolob National Park, more amazing. In all, the trip was relaxing, fun, and just all around AMAZING.


Nicole said...
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Emily S. said...

One of my favorite places!

Stephanie Gering said...

Wow, the trip sounds amazing. The Holiday Inn Express was a good choice, it's the only place I stay when I travel and I have never been disappointed.