Monday, September 29, 2008

Funny Wyatt

Wyatt gets hung up on numbers and colors this week it's the number 4. So here is 4 funny things he has said in the last couple of weeks.

Saturday Paul said to me "Where's my breakfast!" Wyatt said to his dad "you need to say will you and please, Dad." Paul asked again, "will you make me breakfast, Please." Wyatt said to me "No, mom can't make good breakfast, only you dad can." We both laughed, then Paul made his own breakfast.

I said to Wyatt, I need to cut your fingernails. Wyatt answered me back "Mom you can't cut them, then I can't pick my boogers.

Our dryer is broken and all apart. Paul came in and asked me "why haven't you fixed it yet." Wyatt said "Mom's not a worker, just you and boys like me, where is the drill I need it to help you."

Whenever I say that's so cute or handsome. Wyatt will say "Moms say cute but boys and dads say that's cool or awesome."

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Melissa said...

I love Wyatt! He is so funny!!