Monday, April 14, 2008

One great Spring Day

It is finally feeling like spring.We had Alena with us all day. We love when she is around. Wyatt and her love to play. It was so nice outside in the morning. They road bikes and drew on the side walk with chalk. Then we went to Thanksgiving Point Farm. They had baby lambs, goats, and cows. The kids will never get sick of the farm animals. I swear we could go every day and they would still love it.

They love getting their picture taken, can you tell.

This is old man Dean or bad bear face Dean.
We ended our great spring day flying a kite. I love spring....


Jensen Family said...

Sorry we couldn't make it I hate spring and now I just want summer. I love love that last picture it's a keeper.

Dixons said...

Hi you guys! As I was blog stalking, it was fun to stumble across your blog! ;) Your boys are so cute....not you, Paul, I meant your kids! ;) We are moving to Utah this summer, so we'll have to get together with everyone. My blog is
Take care, Holly (Hanson) Dixon

larawashington said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. I'm excited for the warm weekend, but what is up with the cold? I'm so sick of winter.