Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Funny Kids

This is a perfect way for me to remember all the funny things my kids do. Wyatt says the funniest things these days. Dean is just a curious boy, he has gotten himself into some funny places. So I am going to just list them as they have happen over the last week.

*We were playing the new Candyland board game. The little people are different color kids. Wyatt said "I wanted to be the chocolate boy."

*We were driving in grandpa's car. Wyatt said "I have something in my shoe, Mom I have a foreigner in my shoe."

*For a few days Wyatt had some smelly gas. His Dad would say your burning my nostrils. Wyatt thought that was so funny. So he would gas and wait for his dad to say "your burning my nostrils" Wyatt then would say "that's the spirit"

*Dean was on my bed playing, and he tried to scoot down off the bed. Dean got stuck between the bed and the foot board. As you can see Wyatt took this opportunity to mess with him.


Melissa said...

That is a hilarious picture!! I'm waiting for Asher to start saying funny things. Wyatt is such a funny kid!!

Emily S. said...

LOL - that is hilarious!