Friday, April 25, 2008

Head of the House

I came home yesterday and found this huge animal on the wall. Paul was just grinning waiting for me to say something. "Well.. it looks... great, I guess. I didn't think they were going to stuff almost the whole thing. " I think it is huge in our small house, if this bad boy was in any of my friends houses I don't think it would look so huge. Since I am posting about deer I should just post about elk to. Thank goodness Paul mounted the elk this way and not the front half like the deer.

Paul, his Dad, and his brother Gary spend weekends in August thru October hunting up the Utah mountains. These animals are kind of a big deal since they hunt with a bow and arrow. You have to be close enough to hit the moving animal. The challenge is to move as quietly as you can up a mountain in thick brush, find some kind of hiding place so you can get up to them, keeping in mind you have to be down wind from them so they don't smell you, then you sit and wait until you see one. Once you see a deer or elk your heart starts pounding and you get super nerves as they take steps towards you. You have to draw your bow as quietly as you can aim and fire. Paul has done this for seven plus years, he has gone out and hit deer but then can't ever find them. I guess the hard part is shooting it in the right spot and hoping it bleeds and dies out in the open so you can find them. Last August he was successful in everything above for both a Deer and a Elk. We are so proud of you our mighty hunter.

Wyatt and I were sitting on the coach right under the huge thing. Wyatt says looking up at the deer "does it talk?"


Melissa said...

Wow! That is huge! Asher will love it-she loves looking at them on the walls in gas stations in places that we've stopped!!

steph said...

Wow! I can't believe that is hanging in your house. I use to babysit a family years ago who had at least a dozen animals hanging including one above their bed. I would never turn off the lights while they were gone because I knew the shadow would scare me half to death.

The Gillespie's said...

I am never coming back to your house, they will scare me, GRAMMY LYLE