Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wasatch Mountain

We went camping this week for a few days up at Wasatch Mountain State Park. We fished at a little pond by the golf coarse. The boys came back to the trailer where Gracie and I were hanging out,Wyatt had a tiny little fish that was tasty. We scouted for deer and elk the first night. Then the next day we went to Cascade Springs and hiked around. There we saw a moose up close, fish, and birds. On the way back we looked on 40 different milk weeds, looking for butterfly eggs. No luck we had fun. In town Paul and the kids went and got cupcakes while I was in a cute quilt shop. The last night we had our Grammy and Grandpa Gary up for dinner since they lived 20 minutes away. One funny story that happen to us was the first night when we were out by the fire Wyatt and I heard a hissing sound. which made both Dean and Wyatt very nervous and they had to sit on our laps. As we were cleaning up I heard it again and asked for a light. Right by my foot was a big beetle hissing at Razor. Paul caught it in a cup and put it in the freezer for our friend bug collection. We told Grammy about it and tried to show her and she freaked out. We all had a laugh.

Gracie had a big peice of bacon in her mouth.
Dean has a big plate in his mouth.
Wyatt has a toy in his mouth.

Gracie fell down once, which I thought was great, it wasn't more. She is showing her owee.

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