Saturday, July 30, 2011


These cute little angles are so silly together taking a nap. He was a sleep first and she jumped on. They were like this for most of their nap. These two have a strong bond. The other day Dean was throwing the biggest tantrum. When Dean losses it I have to hold him down in his room until he stops or he will hit and throw things. So this time it went on and on for like a half hour or so. Gracie was either not liking that he was upset or that I had to sit with Dean screaming. So Gracie was also freaking out. I was out numbered with two of the loudest kids. After they both calmed down. Wyatt walked up to me and said "Mom do you remember when I was an only child? Wasn't so nice? Don't you wish I still was the only child?" Some days I try really hard to think what it was like without any kids. It's like remembering a dream. I can only remember a little bit. But I think mine and Paul's life would have been boring. Work, eating in peace, movies, the gym, going to any and every store I want to. No really they are hard work but I would not trade these moments for anything.

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