Friday, April 3, 2009

No more goats

Wyatt 2yrs old. playing with the goats

On Wednesday afternoon Paul took this picture put it on ksl 3 minutes later a Latino man called and said he was on his way to pick them up. Paul asked him if they wanted them as pets or for dinner. The man just didn't understand him at all, finally Paul said FOOD or PET really slow and he finally understood and said pet. That night they came and we no longer have goats. Paul, Wyatt and Dean are a little disappointed but I'm glad to see them go, now I can plant a garden and not have everything pulled out of the ground. We have had the goat for almost 5 years and have never lived in our house without them in the yard. I must admit it will be a little weird and sad not to have them around with us in the back yard.


MaryLee said...

Ammie, How was your trip?! Glad you're back safely. It's been fun to see a few new things on the blog the past couple of days.

How funny about the goats. Do you remember when we borrowed your dad's goat for my dad's 50th birthday? We tied the goat in the front yard next to a sign that read "The old goat is 50!" It was a Sunday and everyone pretty much had to pass our house on their way home from church and saw it. It was funny.

Right after we got home the goat got loose and my dad and Danny had to chase it down the street.

Melissa said...

That's kind of exciting though to be able to plant a garden-hopefully Razor won't tear it up!!

Chambo's said...

I'm just sayin maybe those goats gave you what for... cause of Karma just sayin.... Remember when you went on and on about your dad's goats and how excited you were to show me.. and when we got there you tricked me into crouching tiger down into a ball so that that mean one would jump on my back and wouldn't let go... member that.... that was good times!!! Turkey huh... only you Summers.. only you