Monday, July 21, 2008

Love take out

Some friends called us to go out to a new restaurant in town. It sounded fun but not with our kids. So we ordered on line and Paul and Tim went and picked it up. It was so great we ate outside on the grass. The kids had a blast making a mess with the food. We didn't stress out, we just let them get dirty. Well they almost all got dirty. I think Quinn looks too clean for these wild monkeys.
You can see it on her face. Asher loved the homemade raspberries milk shakes
Wyatt and Dean started the party off with some mud and ended it with sticky candy.


Melissa said...

Those are great pictures! I stole them and put them on my blog too! :)

Emily S. said...

Sounds fun!! I am curious...what's the new restaurant?

Jme said...

It's great that you have great friends so close to share the everyday stuff!

Kristy said...

cute blog! I can't get over how big Dean is. I think I"ve only seen him once. So, I just use photoshop to make my collage picture. If you have photoshop I can help show you how to do it.